We’re Giving Away Tickets To Catch “Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi”

We’re Giving Away Tickets To Catch “Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi”

100 Voices & Buds Theatre proudly present an interactive play about the pressures of education.

The topic of youth suicide is an issue that has unfortunately been on the rise. The pressures we put on our children to perform well and succeed academically are seemingly too much.

You were once a stressed out kid...

We often forget that we were once students. That school used to be a dark, looming cloud of doom in our otherwise, relatively stress-free lives. Additionally, we tend to ignore the fact that the syllabus is becoming increasingly difficult.

Have you checked out your kid’s homework recently? More often than not, we too, find ourselves stumped.

The pressure to make their parents, teachers and themselves proud - topped with extra-curricular activities, tuition classes and any attempt at a social life can be a lot to handle all at once.

What is "Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi”?

100 Voices & Buds Theatre have come together with this knowledge in mind with a solution that could put the wheels of change in motion.

We’re Giving Away Tickets To Catch “Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi”

The interactive play titled, “Don’t Kancheong, Kiasu & Kiasi” wishes to raise awareness to the issue in a manner that is interactive and easy to comprehend.

Throughout the play, the audience will be posed with questions such as, “Can you help an overwhelmed teacher struggling with suicidal students?” or “Can you help a family stop fighting over a child's exam results?”.

At the end of each act, the audience gets to suggest the manner in which they wish to see the play continue. Their suggestions and opinions will take the lead when it comes to the course and outcome of the play.

Win yourself a set of 3 tickets!

Here at theAsianparent, we recognise the importance of addressing the urgent issue that is youth suicides. And we are happy to be able to be a part of the change. We are giving away 3 sets of 3 tickets for you, our readers, to be involved in this interactive play.

All you need to do is fill in the form below, with your particulars and you could win!

However, if your name is not selected, you can still head over to Flying Cape to grab as many tickets as needed. It will definitely be an eye-opener for parents. As well as, a source of comfort for your child, knowing that they are not alone in this journey.

Contest ends on Thursday (23rd Feb) so hurry and enter - winners will be announced on Friday (24th) and the play will be at 3 pm on Saturday (25th)!

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and comments with us in the Comment box below.

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Written by

Sonia Pasupathy

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