Given the right skills, every child can excel

Given the right skills, every child can excel

Feeling disappointed with your child’s exam results? Tired of spending excessive amounts of time trying but failing to teach your kid? Annoyed about spending money on tuition classes which don’t reap any results? These experiences are not unique to you alone. Read about the potential solution to these concerns.

Given the right skills, every child can excel

Your days of worrying about your child’s academic performance will soon be over as here at ThinkersBox, we have found the solution to all of your above problems. There is an old saying which says “Teach a man to fish and he can fish for life” there can’t be more truth to this classic adage.

Possessing key skills

In order for a child to do well, they must possess key skills. ThinkersBox will teach them HOW to learn and not just WHAT to learn which will enable them to develop efficient lifelong learning skills which can be used not only in the classroom but also in any other aspect of life. The proper learning skills should be instilled when young for a strong foundation from the get go. These skills are then used for primary school, secondary right through till complex tertiary levels. Learning does not ever stop--not after school but used throughout life. As you can imagine, the necessary skills should not be taken lightly.

Given the right skills, every child can excel

Essential lifelong learning skills

ThinkersBox will impart essential lifelong learning skills ranging from relational thinking to visual and auditory attention. By possessing these valuable skills, your child will be able to excel in any academic task given to them.

-           To solve a problem sum, the child needs to have relational thinking to understand the question and connect the parts together and sequential thinking to work out the steps in order.

-           To score in exams, the child needs to possess strong memory capacity to remember what they have revised and effective problem-solving abilities to arrive at the correct answers.

-           To write a good composition, the child needs creativity skills to come up with ideas and strong verbal skills to write the story in a proper flow.

-           To follow the teacher’s pace of teaching, the child needs to have both visual and auditory attention to stay focused and follow what the teacher is writing on the board.

Given the right skills, every child can excel

Mastering key abilities to shine academically

By mastering these various skills, one will be able to tackle any problem or challenge presented to them in school. The biggest flaw in the education system is that teachers often ASSUME that the child possesses all the key abilities required to shine academically. The focus in schools is often to emphasise only WHAT to learn but not how to learn it. For example, teachers usually shine the spotlight only on the contents for examinations but this often results in only rote learning. Rote learning does not usually culminate in outstanding academic results as the child often does not understand what they are learning. We ASSUME the child is blessed with good focusing skills, superb memory to remember everything they have learnt, and make connections about what they read and understand concepts without any difficulty. When one really thinks about it, this doesn’t make any sense. This is like asking an athlete to win a medal and assuming he or she is already gifted with the right skills.

Why are your kids struggling?

Thus it is little wonder why so many children struggle in school not because they are incompetent, but simply because they lack the right skills to reach their full potential. Hence it is imperative to teach your child the correct skills before asking them to accomplish a particular goal. By looking at things from a big picture, it is vital that one makes a long term investment in your child’s education by imparting them the necessary skills required to excel in school. ThinkersBox does that for you by teaching them effective learning skills to focus, make connections, retain information, and be careful in their work and understand what is being taught. By acquiring all of these skills, your child will have the ability to reach his full potential. Furthermore your child can also utilise these skills beyond the classroom to succeed in life.

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