GIVEAWAY: Mums, now you can flatten your tummy in only ONE HOUR!

GIVEAWAY: Mums, now you can flatten your tummy in only ONE HOUR!

Mummies, do you want to flatten your tummy after childbirth? Sticking to a healthy diet and having a regular exercise regime is great, but now there's a special treatment available to give you a bit of extra help. Find out now how you can win a Bio Sculpture Treatment worth $368 from Shou Slimming!

Isn’t it unfair that when the men pack on a few pounds and get a Dad Bod, it is actually seen as attractive?

But heaven forbid us women get a Mummy Tummy, because we’ll just end up getting teased for the extra flab and even chided for supposedly “letting ourselves go”.

Whether you’re struggling to shed that baby weight, or you need a bit of help to fit into those snug pair of jeans for a rare girls’ night out, there is now a special treatment available to flatten your tummy — and you can see the immediate results in only one hour!

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Infrared heat is focused on your tummy at the start of the Bio Sculpture Treatment (Image by Shou Slimming)

My Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming

As a mother of one who only has enough time (and energy!) to squeeze in a 15 minutes intensive workout per day, I was looking forward to trying out the new Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming which targets the tummy.

Upon reaching their centre, which is conveniently located at Velocity Novena Square (they have two more centres at One Raffles Place and The Seletar Mall), the friendly staff ushered me into the tranquil treatment room to disrobe and prepare for the Bio Sculpture Treatment session.

After a few minutes under an infrared heating lamp which was focused on my tummy, there was also a hot towel rub on that area.

This was followed by a tummy massage with herbal oil which may help with blood circulation and detoxification.

If you have experienced a traditional postnatal massage before, then this might be familiar to you, as the pressure applied makes you feel that your tummy definitely will be flattened afterwards!

your tummy, Shou Slimming

Nano serums and Bio Clay is used to speed up the fat-burning process

As the massage ended with a cool ointment, the consultant explained that it may also help boost fertility and regulate your hormones. 

Next came the 10 minutes herbal tummy wrap which also helps adjust our hormones and expels wind.

The final step to this treatment to help flatten your tummy is a magnetic belt which hits acupuncture points. There are 3 levels of intensity which increases after 15 minutes. It feels tingly at first and gradually gets more electrifying, which you will soon get used to and comfortable with.

During this treatment, three different types of Nano serums are used to safely target and release liquid fat, as well as Bio Clay to seal in the effects of speeding up overall fat-burning, skin tightening and encourage overall hormonal balance.

The Bio Sculpture treatment targets the feeling of bloating, as well as overall lymphatic drainage and tightens the skin in just one session. You may even lose up to five centimetres in one treatment!

*Shou Slimming does a body analysis for every treatment to assess the individual’s needs

your tummy, Shou Slimming

Before (left) and after (right) my Bio Sculpture Treatment session at Shou Slimming

My results after the Bio Sculpture Treatment

After only one session of the Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming, I could actually see a difference already!

Not only did my skin feel smoother, my tummy was slightly firmer and was visibly flatter as compared to before the start of the session.

I was also told by the consultant that if I continue to go for a few more sessions, then there would be even more obvious results.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the treatment and walked around with such confidence afterwards for the whole day.


Win a FREE Bio Sculpture Treatment session worth $368 from Shou Slimming!

If you think you need a bit of help to get your tummy back to how it was before your little one arrived, here’s how you can win a free Bio Sculpture Treatment from Shou Slimming.

Simply go to our contest page to join and you may be one of three lucky winners selected for a free session worth $368!

*Winners of the Bio Sculpture Treatment will be notified via the contact details provided.

**Vouchers for the treatment are for pick-up only. Winners may pick up their voucher at the theAsianparent Community office in 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #05-14 Singapore 139951. For inquiries, contact us at tel. +6563442865 or email info[@]

***Giveaway is open to residents in Singapore only.

****Winners can only win once.

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