Give me discount vouchers over gym memberships, say Singapore mums

Give me discount vouchers over gym memberships, say Singapore mums

KEY FINDINGS - 1 of 7 of e-tailer customers say they did 100% of this years Christmas shopping online - Most parents spend less than $50 on Christmas gifts per child

A Christmas shopping survey published today reveals that gym memberships were at the bottom of Singaporean parents’ holiday wish-lists, with discount vouchers following closely.

Give me discount vouchers over gym memberships, say Singapore mums

The survey conducted by children’s fashion e-tailer tried to find out more about holiday shopping trends among parents this year, and presented various other interesting findings.

Even in the midst of fierce competition to attract Christmas shoppers among high street retailers, online stores are making their presence felt this year. 1 out of 7 parents indicated that they preferred to make all their Christmas purchases online this year. Another whopping 42% shared that they would spend at least 20% of their holiday budgets online.

Vanda K, 40, Chief fashionista for revealed that over the long Christmas weekend, record-breaking sales for the e-tailer were observed. “It was a bumper weekend for us, and we are still expecting more shoppers on over the holidays.”

The holiday shopping study, conducted last week among Singapore-based parents also revealed that 69% usually spend less than $50 on Christmas gifts for each child. Their top two choices for gifts for their kids were toys and clothes. Clothes were an especially popular option as 45% of parents indicated that their children don new garbs on Christmas day. Interestingly, 55% of the mums shared that they enjoy dressing their kids up in clothes that matched themselves.

When it comes to ranking the most unpopular gifts they have ever received, gym memberships nabbed the ‘least favourite’ title, closely followed by socks, discount vouchers, kitchenware or food baskets.

And the top item on the holiday wish list for Singaporean mums? Clichéd as it sounds - to have a happy family.


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