Teenage Girl Dies After Giving Birth In The Toilet, Family Shocked

Teenage Girl Dies After Giving Birth In The Toilet, Family Shocked

A shocking news has been reported - an 18-year-old girl dies after giving birth in the toilet. Her parents were sadly, unaware of her pregnancy.

The teenager had complained of stomach ache and constipation and had requested to use the toilet...

Teenage girl dies after giving birth

The incident happened in Taman Tenggara, Malaysia, on 14 October 2018.

The girl had asked to use the toilet at about 8:30 am. When she didn't come out even after 30 minutes, her mother went to check on her.

At around 10 am, her mum called out to her, but the girl replied that she wasn't done using the toilet.

This happened for quite some time, and her mother and sibling kept asking her what was going on. She repeated her answer each time.

And then, one time, she did not reply at all. By then it was 2 pm already.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Yahya Abd Rahman tells the New Straits Times, “At this point, the mother broke down the door to the bathroom and found the victim leaning against the wall, unconscious."

"She looked pale and there was blood all over the floor. The mother also saw an ‘object’ and blood in the toilet bowl.”

She realised that this "object" was a baby, who was still and lifeless.

The mother called the ambulance after her efforts to revive her daughter proved futile.

At around 2.45 pm, a medical team declared the girl and her baby as being dead.

Investigations are going on...

Teenage pregnancy: Helplines in Singapore 

According to this report, the number of teen pregnancies in Singapore has dropped considerably, mainly because teens today are smarter about using contraceptives.

Abortion is legal in Singapore, and is allowed for pregnancies of up to 24 weeks. Parental consent is also not required for a teenager to have an abortion.

Even then, teen pregnancy remains a cause for concern, as teenagers are not emotionally ready to raise a baby. There were 359 babies born to girls aged 19 and under, in 2015.

teenage pregnancy

In case of crisis, here are some organisations which can offer support and counselling:

Offers pregnancy crisis service and support for teenage girls who are pregnant.

24 hour helpline: 1800–TEENMOM (1800–833 6666)
SMS: 8111–3535

Address: Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd
26 Jalan Klinik, #01-42/52
Singapore 160026.

Phone No: 6664 8591

Email: [email protected]

  • MUM–TO–BE Helpline (Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society)

Offers confidential support to pregnant women of all ages in difficult situations.

24 Hours Helpline: 1800–MUM–TO–BE (1800–686 8623)

For women facing unwanted, suspected or unexpected pregnancies.

24 hour helpline:  6339–9770

Email: [email protected]

  • Singapore Planned Parenthood Association Counselling Hotline

To help young people and adults deal with sexuality–related problems and concerns.

Helpline: 1800–775 8582 (Mon to Fri: 9.00am – 6.00pm)

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(Source: NST)

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