Getting your baby to take longer naps

Getting your baby to take longer naps

Learn how to put your baby to sleep like an expert!

baby to take longer naps

Learn how to make your baby take longer naps!

Nap time is the most peaceful time parents can get to themselves. But how do you get your baby to take longer naps? This question has been pondered by experts for years, with no resolution. But there are a few helpful tips that may come in handy.

Babies need to sleep. It is how their bodies grow and heal. If you seem to be having a problem getting your baby to take longer naps, there may be some things you can try. Remember though not all babies will sleep the same amount. Some babies may cat nap all day, while others take less naps but can fall asleep longer.

Sleeping habits

Knowing when to put your baby down for a nap will help you in getting your baby to take a longer nap. If you put your baby down too early, they may only cat nap. If you wait too long they may not sleep at all because they are overly-exhausted to sleep. You will need to find the perfect time for your baby to sleep. They need to be sleepy but not overtired in order to get good, restful sleep.

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Set the mood

Make sure their napping place is quiet, cool, dark and comfortable for them to sleep in. If your baby gets too hot or cold, they will wake up and may not go back to sleep. Dress them properly for the weather so they can be more comfortable while they sleep.

baby sleep longer

Make sure to make the environment calm and pleasant for your baby

Cut down on naps

If your baby takes 2-3 naps a day, consider cutting it down to one nap. This may help your baby to take longer naps then just a few short ones. Many babies can switch from three shorter naps a day to two longer naps a day without much problem. Eventually they will go down to just one nap a day. Even though this may shorten the actual hours they are asleep, it will give them more sleep in one nap time than before.

Fill the belly

Many babies simply wake up because they are hungry. Try feeding your baby some cereal or fruit before nap time. Even the most fussy babies get sleepy when their bellies are full. Newborns may have to wake up more often because they get hungry, but try feeding them a small amount and putting them back to sleep.

Lay with your baby

While no expert advises sleeping with your baby, laying down with them until they fall asleep is a good idea. Newborns need to feel safe and comfortable while they sleep. Sometimes this can be done by swaddling them, but many times you will have to lay down with them. Once they feel safe and secure they will fall asleep. This is a good way to get your baby to take longer naps.

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Add some motion to the routine

There are times when nothing you do will work on getting your baby to sleep. Some babies need motion or action to be able to sleep. You can do this by either putting them in the car and driving around the block or by simply rocking them. Adding motion will help your baby to take longer naps. The motion simulates when they are inside their mother, they are constantly moving and rocking. They need to feel that sometimes when they first come home to help them feel secure.

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