A reason to get rid of the nanny!

A reason to get rid of the nanny!

Hire a babysitter and risk the chance of raising a womanizer...

Do you know someone who's a womaniser? According to pyschiatrist Dr Dennis Friedman, chances are he was under the care of a nanny when he was still an infant.

The psychiatrist, who also authored the book The Unsolicited Gift, writes that delegating the task of caring for a son to a nanny before he reaches the age of 1 poses a risk for him to have double standards when dealing with women in adulthood.


Telegraph UK reports that Friedman, aged 85, said that when a man gets married he has this certain feeling that aside from his wife, there's another woman who can address his needs and satisfy him. What Friedman is saying is that the concept of "other woman" is established even when boys are still infants.

When baby boys are cared for by nannies, their minds think that it's normal to have two women in their lives: one who has an emotional connection with him, and one who knows and looks after his needs.

So to avoid creating serial womanisers, mothers should stay "100 per cent connected" with their sons. After all, this is the right of every child - to have their mothers beside them 24/7. Now, that's a quite a lot to ask as mothers also have to think about their careers and social life.

Do you agree with Dr. Friedman's theory? Over here at theAsianparent we think it's a load of crock. We're happy to wager that other reasons for cheating would rank above this so called "Nanny syndrome". Womanizing is ambiguous and more plausible reasons are entitlement, boredom, anger, marital neglect, lust or a mid-life crisis.

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Karen Mira

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