Get on 'track' with the right gift!

Get on 'track' with the right gift!

Get your friends and family something different for a change - what about a tracking device? UNICO has just launched the uTRACK Series of GPS/GSM personal trackers, and it might prove useful for caregivers dealing with the elderly, and even children!

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your friends and family?

UNICO has just launched the uTRACK Series of GPS/GSM personal trackers.

These practical and useful tracking device make great gifts for friends, families and caregivers - bringing them peace of mind when dealing with the elderly, disabled, children and even pets. For example, in the case of dementia patients, caregivers can pre-set a boundary for the intended user. Once the patient steps out of the boundary, the device will automatically send an alert to the caregivers' cell phones. Caregiver can simply request for 'send location' via SMS command to receive the longtitude and latitude. With Google Map, the caregiver can easily find out the exact location of the tracker.

Some of their models also includes a SOS button so that users with disabilities can send an SOS message to seek help from the caregivers.

These trackers can be purchased at:

For more information on Unico's range of trackers, please visit

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