Get 40 % off on Barbie and Hot Wheels sandals

Get 40 % off on Barbie and Hot Wheels sandals

Ipanema and Rider have created a range of sandals every kid out there is going to die for. Get them for your little one before everyone else does.

Every parent knows that getting your kid to put on a pair of shoes can sometimes be a task more tedious than it seems. We have a solution! Ipanema and Rider have created a new line of fun, comfortable and stylish sandals for children. What’s special about these?  A lot - both brands hail from Brazil and embody the country’s easy going and relaxed outlook on life. Their vibrant and easy-to-wear designs should leave you with a happier child and hopefully fewer tantrums to deal with.

Get 40 % off on Barbie and Hot Wheels sandals

For your little girl

Ipanema has teamed up with Barbie!  The Ipanema Barbie Flores Kids sandals are bound to leave your angels squealing with delight.  These sandals are covered with quirky prints in popping colours. We love the floral embroidery,  beads and the soft straps (these are adjustable!).  Your little one can pick between  purple, gold, white and pink.  At just  $27 each, they’re a complete steal!

For your little boy

Little boys aren’t left out either! Ipanema has also teamed up with Hot Wheels. The hot wheels sandals are every little tykes dream come true. Embezzled with a flaming fiery print, and available in black and blue, these stap on’s are easy to slip on and won’t fly off through a game of mini touch rugby.  If you happen to be raising a future racer, these are a must. Pick them up for just $29.

Get 40 % off on Barbie and Hot Wheels sandals

Perfect for walking long distances and for everyday use, Rider footwear is known for its durability and simple designs. Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or simply taking your kids on a quick grocery run, you can be sure that their feet will be comfortable and well protected.

Be sure to download a coupon from The Asian Parent’s Facebook page to enjoy an impressive discount on these hip new sandals. Simply print out the coupon and enjoy 20% off on one pair and 40% off when you buy two.

Both brands are available at the beach footwear concept store, Samba at Orchard Central, Stadium, Royal Sporting House outlets and other authorised dealers.
Happy shopping!

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Justina Goh

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