This is not a drill: Germs are evolving! Mum, this is how you can keep up to protect your family

This is not a drill: Germs are evolving! Mum, this is how you can keep up to protect your family

The germs we fight so hard against are not only getting stronger -- they’re evolving. How are Singaporean Mums protecting their families? Read on. Presented by Lifebuoy.

Mums nowadays understand the importance of inculcating healthy habits in their children rather than stopping them from enjoying their childhood to fullest. Who else would enjoy dancing in a puddle on a rainy day if not a child? And how can you stop your tot from reading stories to his or her unwell bestie?

But while mothers love to see their children play, have fun, and do good things for others, they are equally bothered by the voice at the back of their head, screaming to protect the kids from any type of infections.

It’s very well true children are vulnerable to catching all sorts of diseases; however, putting restrictions on them doesn’t serve the purpose of maintaining their good health. Modern mums know this and that’s why they are willing to take constructive steps towards avoiding illness through good hygiene.

As goes the old saying, which Dr. Christina Low of Lifescan Medical Center affirms, “Prevention is better than cure, prevention does work.” Similarly, many mums emphasize the merits of proper precaution in the fight against ever-evolving germs.

theAsianparent recently conducted a survey in Singapore among over 120 mums of children between 0 to 12 years of age. The topmost concern that the mothers expressed is not at all surprising.


A whopping 85% of the mothers surveyed believe that the germs are evolving and getting stronger, and an even larger consensus (92%) is that these germs are on their child’s body.

Put those thoughts together and what you get is 9.4 out of 10 mums agreeing that these germs can cause their children to fall sick and pretty much everyone (98%) saying that it is essential to take care that their child does not fall sick because of the germs.


The next question to ask then is what preventive measures are being taken by these mums to keep their children healthy?

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Preventive ways to combat those ever-evolving germs


As mentioned by Singapore Health Promotion Board, some of the ways to protect your young ones from germs are:

  1. Washing hands with soap and water before and after eating and after using the toilet.Apart from this, it's essential that children be taught to wash their hands after playing or when they come from outside. It's equally important to use soap, not just water, for effective cleaning.
  2. Covering the mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing.Some airborne germs are likely to spread while sneezing or coughing. To prevent the spread of such germs it's a good habit to cover the mouth or nose with a handkerchief or to sneeze or cough into the crook of one’s elbow.
  3. Avoid sharing toothbrushes or towels; and food/drinks as well as eating utensils, when sick.This will not only help the child develop his or her own sense of ownership and individuality, but also help keep germs at bay.

As an extremely important way to fight off disease, using body wash with germ protection is what 82% of the mums surveyed pointed out as a precautionary solution.


But if 69% believe that they don’t currently have the most effective product for this purpose, then what exactly are they looking for?


98% consider “Moisturizing or non- drying to skin” important because a child’s skin is sensitive and dryness can lead to further troubles. That's why it is essential that the body wash used is strong when it comes to fighting germs, but moisturising to skin.

So to all those mums, who are looking for an all-in-one solution to protect the family from disease-causing, evolving germs, new Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 with Activ Naturol Shield is your answer.


This new body wash from Lifebuoy is powered by nature, meaning, it is the perfect blend of advanced cleansing technology with ingredients inspired by nature such as pine tree sap and thyme leaves. The best part is that while offering 10X better germ protection, it is non-drying to skin and definitely good for everyday use!

Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 comes in 1-litre bottle in two variants, Complete and Fresh, and is available at all major supermarkets and pharmacies at a recommended retail price of $9.90.

This breakthrough variant is a result of years of research and excellent products that have made Lifebuoy a renowned name and an extremely popular brand that's been around for over a century.


From protecting soldiers from the ravages of disease more than a hundred years ago, to doing the tough job of fighting germs that endanger our loved ones today, Lifebuoy has indeed become our trusted ally.

And here's a special gift for all you Mummies

For the month of December, get a 300ml Clini-Shield 10 Body Wash banded free with any Lifebuoy 1L body wash twin pack. Offer is available in-stores from 1st to 31st December 2016, while stocks last!

So Mums, germs are getting stronger, but that’s no reason to prevent your kids from enjoying every moment of their childhood. Instead, prevent the spread of germs by using Lifebuoy Clini-Shield 10 with Activ Naturol Shield.


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Prutha Soman

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