Gellogen review

Gellogen review

Have you just given birth and need a dietary supplement to help with lumbar and knee joint aches and pains? Or are you a busy parent who needs a pick-me-up to look healthier in skin, hair and nails besides the occasional aches? Try Gellogen

Gellogen is a new natural supplement that is cholesterol and sugar free and safe for almost anybody to consume. It works by stimulating collagen growth which rebuilds torn tissues and joints, an issue commonly faced by the elderly, athletes, overweight people and those who suffer from pains due to overstrained joints. It can also be consumed daily as a supplement. Long term benefits include healthier, rejuvenated skin, and stronger hair and nails.


Its unique selling point is that it is tasteless, odorless and colorless. theAsianparent put this to the test at the office. Our consensus is that that the powder state it is sold in is odorless and colorless (although last time we checked, white was a color). It does have a slight, light salty taste and this does remain on your tongue as a dry after taste. However, the product is meant to be consumed mixed in liquid. With water, the odor was very mild and mostly tasteless. When mixed with a stronger beverage like carrot juice, there was absolutely no taste. We did not get a chance to test the long term benefits. All in all, it shouldn’t be hard to drink this everyday if it does aid your body.


Collagen is the primary protein used in the integrity of joints, bones and cartilage. However, collagen levels drops as you age, therefore increasing the risk of tears and fractures. The manufacturing process of Gellogen allows fast absorption and therefore repairs tissues quickly in addition to speeding up tissue regeneration at joints. It is a hundred percent natural.


Gellogen claims taking 10g daily for the first three months, followed by a daily intake of 8-10g can be beneficial for people sixteen years of age and over. It has been classified as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. However, those with a protein restricted diets, especially those with kidney and liver diseases, should avoid this product.


We recommend giving it a go. It retails for $60 before GST for a 300g tin and is available at Guardian Health & Beauty as well as leading pharmacies such as Unity Healthcare and Watson’s beginning in August.


For more information about Divine Health, the exclusive distributor of Gellogen, contact them at [email protected]


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