Pregnant woman gives birth in Gojek car on the way to hospital

Pregnant woman gives birth in Gojek car on the way to hospital

A pregnant woman recently gave birth in car in Singapore, on the way to hospital. Her Gojek driver though, refused to accept the cash she offered as tip...

Baby couldn't wait.

A pregnant woman living in Punggol East was on her way to hospital after she experienced contractions in the early morning of Aug 23.

But her water bag burst during the Gojek ride to KK Women's and Children's Hospital, sending her into labour.

Woman gave birth to car on the way to hospital

Nish Ai RystApit wrote about her delivery on Facebook, commending the Gojek driver.

"BIG THANKS to Gojek driver Mr. Leng Khee Kwong, for his help throughout the journey and making sure we reached KK (hospital) safely."

During the journey, the woman's sister-in-law told her that the baby was crowning.

As she shouted from labour pain, Leng helped to calm her down, saying, "Don't worry, we will reach soon."

The woman pushed through and delivered her baby 20 minutes later in the car.

Grateful for Leng's assistance, the woman offered him some cash as a tip. She also apologised for making a mess in his car.

But Leng declined the offer and instead congratulated her on the new addition to the family.

"We were so blessed to have you as our driver…," her sister-in-law Fizah Ros wrote on Facebook.

"May the baby bring you good luck!"

Once the family arrived at the hospital, medical staff promptly attended to the woman and the newborn.

Mother and daughter, who weighs 2.7kg, are doing well and have been discharged from hospital.

This article was republished with permission from AsiaOne.

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