'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot's makeup-free photo shows us the beauty of motherhood

'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot's makeup-free photo shows us the beauty of motherhood

This fresh-faced photo of Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot is going viral. Here's what she says about the tiring reality of being a mum!

She may be a superhero on set, but Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is keeping it real for her other role: mum of two.

Gadot recently posted a bare-faced Instagram photo of herself. Fresh from a sleepless night with her colicky three-month-old Maya, the close-up emphasises her swollen eyebags and tired smile.

Her hair's tossed into a ponytail. Her tank top is rolled-out-of-bed casual. It's the reality of motherhood at its least glamorous and most beautiful.  


Despite being hugely sleep-deprived — a state mums everywhere perpetually find themselves in— Gadot radiates contentment at being with her family. As she wrote in her post, "It always amazes me how the most simple things are the ones to make us the happiest."

This isn't the first time Gadot has gone makeup-free on Instagram. When she was nine months pregnant with little Maya, she wrote a moving post sharing her incredible gratitude for her life. 


Celebrity Playdate

Even while playing her "celebrity" role, Gadot has made it a point to carve out quality time with her tots. She and fellow The Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel turned their recent meet-up into an adorable playdate. Of course, this time the stars were Gadot's newborn Maya and Diesel's nine-year-old daughter Hania Riley. 


Her life may be ultra-hectic, but this Wonder Mum shows us what's really important. And that's finding wonder in one's family and the simple things in life. Definitely an inspiration for tired mums everywhere!


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