Funny video depicts the struggles of being a 5-year-old

Funny video depicts the struggles of being a 5-year-old

You thought you had it rough? Well these kids are out to prove that being a kid is harder than you thought

As an adult I often reminisce fondly over the days of being a child. No responsibilities, no worries, no problems, and best of all no stress. This Funny video depicts the struggles of kids.

Well apparently I've looked back on my past with rose-colored glasses, because these 5-year-olds seem to think that being a kid isn't as easy you remember!

BuzzFeed Video recently posted a video that tells of the trials and tribulations that 5-year-olds must face on a daily basis. The hysterical compilation of pint-sized complaints and qualms sheds some insightful light on the secret stress that our kids are facing. It also gives credence to the idea that just because someone's problems aren't as significant, doesn't mean they aren't problems.

Let's check out some of the priceless highlights:


You know that feeling when you go to an upscale restaurant and they don't have any crayons or chocolate milk? No? Well, kids do!

will you play with me

This kid is left dealing with the problem of being stuck at home but having no one to play with. And we thought adult problems were bad!


Sure, you had a long day at the office dealing with tight deadlines and your strict boss. Sure, you have to pay taxes and manage your finances...but, does anything really compare to the real problems? You know, like, putting the wrong shoe on each foot.

Clearly, we as adults have failed to realize that being a kid has its own set of unique problems. We underestimate these struggles and laugh them off, but these kids have it rough!

You can watch the entire hilarious video below, and find out other hysterical stress inducing problems facing today's youth:


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