10 Funny and relatable tweets about trying to lose weight

10 Funny and relatable tweets about trying to lose weight

Serious about losing weight? Lighten up with these funny tweets from people who get the struggle

Who doesn’t want to be healthy, right?

Sadly, life interferes with our journey to a healthy lifestyle--leaving us wishing we could just get there without all the effort.

It’s easy to feel down and discouraged but you know you have to keep going when you're trying to lose weight.

Laugh your way to your serious weight loss goals with these funny relatable tweets from people who totally understand your struggle!

Desperate times...


Who decided it anyway?


The power of suggestion


Shedding tears burns calories, right?


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Find someone who loves you for the 'you' you can't accept you are


Sleep speeds up the metabolism, right?


No pain, no gain


The "hangry" person knows no master


Eating is fun. End of story.


Life is too short. Get extra cheese.


Here’s hoping laughing hard counts as exercise!

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Bianchi Mendoza

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