4 fun baby nursery rhymes for your little one!

4 fun baby nursery rhymes for your little one!

We bring you and your little one 4 fun baby nursery rhymes that are bound to have you singing and dancing together. Enjoy!

As I type this sentence, my little 2-year-old boy is sitting on my lap and belting out his version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

It takes me back to my own childhood that is coloured with memories of my grandmother singing me popular Sri Lankan baby nursery rhymes.

baby nursery rhymes Reading or singing baby nursery rhymes is a great way for mum to bond with baby.

These beautiful baby nursery rhymes were about mother elephants who crossed rivers, the moon smiling down at sleeping children, golden butterflies, fluffy white rabbits and playful puppies.

Baby nursery rhymes are a universal language spoken by caregivers of little ones to tell stories, stimulate kids or put them to sleep. These rhymes give children beautiful memories of songs they can one day pass on to their own children.

baby nursery rhymes Watch your little angel's eyes light up and start sparkling when she hears our lovely collection of fun baby nursery rhymes!

With this is mind, we bring you 4 fun baby nursery rhymes to sing to your little one who is sure to clap and sing along with glee. Enjoy!

1. Head, shoulders, knees and toes

This one is perfect for teaching your little one the names of his body parts, in a fun way!


2. Que Sera, Sera

This beautiful nursery rhyme with a Spanish title meaning "whatever will be, will be," is a classic tune sung by children around the world.

3. The Firefly (in Mandarin)

Show your little one this fun video about a firefly, and watch her flutter her little arms and pretend to be one!

4. You are My Sunshine

An all time favourite in our house, this song gets my little boys bopping along whenever I sing it or play it for them. My mother would play the version by Anne Murray when I was a child, so this song holds special memories for me.

Parents, what's your child's favourite nursery rhyme? Leave a comment and tell us what it is!

Videos sourced from: http://www.chinesenurseryrhymes.com/

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