Guide to a stress-free baby full month celebration

Guide to a stress-free baby full month celebration

Planning for your baby’s full month celebration can start in your third trimester. Here is a handy checklist to help new parents get through the planning phase easily!

Welcome to your third trimester! Are you excitedly checking off your to-do list in anticipation of your little one? After D-day, the next item on your list is planning for your baby’s full month celebration, which commemorates a wonderful milestone for your precious bundle of joy and for you as a new parent too!

Full month parties, also known as 满月, mark the celebration of a newborn’s first month of life. Like any party, a baby’s full month celebration involves having your loved ones share the joyous occasion and enjoying delicious food together with your newly-minted family.

While the scale of your baby’s celebration depends on your budget, choice of venue and extent of party decorations put in place, this guide hopes to give new parents a quick and easy checklist to plan and prepare for your baby’s first big event. Daddies, do chip in and help get these things in order too!

With that, we present 6 things for new parents to think about when preparing for your newborn’s full month celebration. PSST! POSB Smiley Child Development Account (CDA) holders enjoy better deals and savings with over 40 merchants too. Read on to find out more!

full month celebration

Celebrating the joys of cuddling your new baby and watching your little one sleep is pure bliss.

#1: Decide on a date and time after your baby is born

Unless you are planning for a c-section, chances are, your baby’s arrival can happen anytime. Typically, a baby’s full month party celebration takes place close to one month after your baby is birthed, and on a weekend. Daytime is usually preferred to reduce the chance of overstimulating your newborn too close to bedtime. After the date and time for the party are decided, you can book a venue and proceed with party decoration preparations too. If you have a particular theme in mind or have an outfit you’d like your newborn to be dressed in, it helps to start sourcing early. Party decor and customised outfits would require some lead-time, more so, if you’re planning to order them from overseas. Remember to factor these in mind for your baby’s party!

#2: Book the full month celebration venue

Most families prefer to hold the celebration at home so that there are minimal logistics involved. This depends on your guest list too. If you’re planning to hold a large-scale party, a venue which fits the number of guests comfortably will be essential. Now that you are in your third trimester, you might want to start researching on suitable venues and inquiring on the tentative dates that you have in mind. Some venues such as cafes or function room at condominiums may allow a pre-booking arrangement, while others like a hotel function room may require a deposit to secure the slot, so do find out these details.

#3: Send out invites

Preparing your guest list during your third trimester eases up the party legwork after your newborn arrives. Simply prepare the list in an excel document for easy reference, and update it when they RSVP. It is recommended to send out invites at least 2 weeks prior to the party so that your guests can respond and make plans accordingly. This also gives you time to check on their dietary restrictions, and prepare enough food for everyone.

full month celebration

Will you be planning for cakes and treats for your guests during baby’s full month celebration?

#4: Arrange for food

What is a party without food? Go for the fuss-free approach and leave the food in the hands of an experienced buffet catering provider. With over 15 years of experience feeding guests at various events, Purple Sage offers full month buffet menus and makes it easy for new parents by dressing up the food display area beautifully too. Do check if your party venue has food catering partners or restaurants that they work with too, as some may only allow food served by their partners.

#5: Pre-order cakes or cupcakes

Having cakes or cupcakes for your baby’s full month celebration may not be a must-have, but we are pretty sure the new mummy would love some cake to mark the end of her confinement too! If you are looking to customise cakes for the party, Temptations L’Artisan Cake Atelier has some yummy discounts, free delivery and free cupcakes (yes!) with selected orders.

#6: Prepare baby full month gifts for guests

full month celebration

Traditionally, Asians who celebrate their baby’s full month would prepare some symbolic treats as part of the joyous occasion. Some of these traditional foods include red eggs, glutinous rice and Ang Ku Kueh. Some grandparents prefer to make their own or if you prefer to take the hassle-free approach, order and have them delivered to you so your folks need not break a sweat. Sweetest Moments offers a special deal for parents ordering their Full Month Packages (Classic/Premium) or Gift Vouchers, so you get more bang for your buck!

Remember to take plenty of photos as keepsakes, and for sharing with your little one when he or she is older. After all, parenthood is a wonderful journey to celebrate!

full month celebration

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How do you plan to celebrate your baby’s full month? Tell us in the comments below!

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