6 awesome and free maths iPad apps

6 awesome and free maths iPad apps

Nowadays, technology has completely taken over the world. And if technology rules, then the status of an iPad is nothing short of royalty either. Good news is that iPads can be quite beneficial and are becoming the new way kids learn. Check out our list of 6 free apps that can help in teaching your kids maths!

free maths iPad apps Check out 6 free iPad apps for maths that are super cool!

Learning maths is oftentimes a painful experience for both parents and their children, so how do we make our kids want to learn addition, subtraction and fractions? Technology has now made it simple to encourage your children to practise maths without even realising it. By marrying gaming with maths concepts, the cool free maths iPad apps out there can help your children learn and enjoy maths anywhere they go. Here we list down our six favourite free maths iPad apps!

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Motion Math Zoom

This maths iPad app by Motion Math allows your child to play and familiarise themselves with numbers, and learn the place value of the thousands to the tiny thousandths. The engaging game uses actual objects with fun animations and sound effects to represent the numbers - from dinosaurs to tiny amoebas.

Math Puppy

This Bingo Challenge educational game for kids by Kids Games Club is described as the most exciting maths-adventure app on the Appstore, and also one of the best-selling educational maths apps. We reckon' that Math Puppy is a fun and perfect way to build up your child's maths skills. The graphics are impressive and in HD to boot, creating a constructive, supportive,interactive fun filled environment for your child to master basic maths skills. It is suitable for children of all ages, with three difficulty levels and five game types.

Multiplying Acorns

The first of two multiplying apps on this list, Multiplying Acorns by Tasty Math Facts - Operatio, is both a a fun and engaging way to learn multiplication. It provides real-life manipulatives for hands-on learning to help your child memorize their times tables. The innovative reward system is designed to reinforce learned concepts and to keep the student motivated. Tokens earned provide the child with access to three fun mini-games, which keeps them actively engaged and constantly learning.

Factor Samurai

Of the free maths iPad apps, this one was created by  Third Rail, LLC. It is great for your child to learn their times tables. Factor Samurai allows your child to play as a samurai whose only mission is to cut all numbers down to their prime numbers. (Prime numbers can't be divided into small whole numbers. e.g 2, 3, 5 and 7.) In addition, Factor Samurai will reinforce the arithmetic principles of multiplication and division by continually challenging the player to remember which numbers can be factored into smaller values, and which ones can't. As the player slices numbers into factors, those factors can be broken down further, until they are split into their prime factors.

For a detailed look at one of the free maths iPad apps mentioned, check out this video featuring the Factor Samurai app:

Math Drills

This app by Instant Interactive is graphically rich, fun and allows up to 50 students to learn basic maths skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It's a great app to have in classrooms and can be used to liven maths lessons. Some of their features include personalised settings, scores and test history for students, and the chance to find solutions using different techniques such as number lines, wooden blocks and hints. The interactive multi-player platform makes this app a fun environment to pit your children against each other, as they "challenge" each other to see who gets the better scores, or the right solutions.

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Motion Math Hungry Fish

This app is from the makers of Motion Math Zoom, which aim to provide quality apps for kids and parents alike. Hungry Fish works on the premise of a very hungry fish which you can only feed by playing with some numbers. Kids need to work their brain muscles by doing mental addition and subtraction to keep their hungry fish full and happy. We rate it as a delightful learning game that's fun for children and grownups!

Whatever your child's level in maths, we are sure they will dive straight into these free maths iPad apps and thoroughly enjoy learning all about factorisation, multiplications and basic equations. We say it's a win-win situation, especially since the free maths iPad apps don't cost you a dime and are beneficial for your child and you.

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Have you downloaded any of these free maths iPad apps for your kids to learn maths? Tell us about other free maths iPad apps you and your kids may engage in to learn maths.

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