Free advice direct from leading pediatricians in the world

Free advice direct from leading pediatricians in the world

Join in this Saturday! The Excellence in Paediatrics (EiP) Community, a global network of Paediatric Healthcare Professionals, has developed Parents’ Talks, a novel initiative that connects parents directly with internationally recognized expert paediatricians from around the world. Listen in on the live streaming session by leading pediatricians in the world and see what these experts have to say about pressing issues faced by parents and children.

Excellence in pediatrics - Parents' Talks free resource for all parents

Parents' Talks - A free resource for all

The idea

Parents’ Talks, a free resource for all parents, emerged in response to an unmet need parents have for reliable advice to answer their most pressing questions with the latest scientific information. There are too many unreliable sources of information and finding a trusted source is often difficult if not impossible. Parents’ Talks will provide the latest advice on childhood health concerns using ‘jargon-free’ information delivered by the global key opinion leaders.

The Survey

To make sure the speakers deliver the advice you want to hear as parents, a global survey was conducted through our network of parents’ websites around the world. The survey from the beginning of August to the beginning of November and effectively mapped the current perceptions of parents regarding this year’s topics.

Live Streaming

All presentations will be streamed live on EiP’s website, as well as being recorded for all parents to view and refer to for free. In addition, Parents’ Talks will be distributed as e-learning sessions to parents through the cooperating parents’ websites, alongside complementary educational materials. Ultimately, the Parents’ Congress and Talks will help you use the latest usable knowledge and advice to help bring up your children.


Click here for the live streaming!


Saturday 1st December from 10.00am – 1.30pm (CET Spain local time) we will be streaming the Parents Talks Conference live for parents around the world.


All you are required to do is simply click on the above link and select the option ‘Enter as a guest’. Simply enter the name and click on ‘Enter room’


Free advice direct from leading pediatricians in the world


Free advice direct from leading pediatricians in the world


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