What Food Should I Eat to Conceive a Baby Girl? Is There an Effective Diet?

What Food Should I Eat to Conceive a Baby Girl? Is There an Effective Diet?

Do you want to have a daughter? Science says a certain type of diet can help make this come true. Read on to learn more

Whether you’re a first-time mum or a mum of boys, then you have likely gotten to a point where you wondered what it’d be like to have a baby girl. There are no easy tricks to choose your baby’s gender outside of a laboratory. But some research is backing the possibility of influencing conception through certain lifestyle changes, like choosing specific food for conceiving a baby girl.

Food for conceiving a baby girl: Is there an effective diet to influence my baby’s gender?

What Food Should I Eat to Conceive a Baby Girl? Is There an Effective Diet?

How do you choose food for conceiving a baby girl? Make sure they’re rich in calcium and magnesium! | Photo: iStock

According to a study by Maastricht University in The Netherlands, a mum’s diet plays a role in controlling conception. The researchers claim that food for conceiving a baby girl should be rich in calcium and magnesium.

Foods rich in both these nutrients are yoghurt, tofu, spinach, broccoli, beans, almonds, cashews, and oatmeal.

When it comes to food for conceiving a baby girl, researchers warn against eating too much salt and potassium. Their advice is to avoid food like processed meats, bread, pastries, anchovies, bacon, salami, olives, shrimp, and potatoes.

Food choices aren’t the only determining factor!

The study clarifies that these types of nutritious food for conceiving a baby girl should be coupled with planned sex — or intercourse before and after ovulation — to get the desired results.

The study involved 172 participant couples and researchers followed 150 couples through treatment and pregnancy. But only 21 strictly followed the instructions. Of this number, 16 women conceived baby girls successfully.

Still, the study’s authors believe they are onto something!

This is not the first theory the supports how parents can influence their child’s gender. The Shettles Method, which has been around since the 70s, claims that sex when ovulating will result in boys because “male sperms” swim faster. However, sex before or after ovulation can result in conceiving a daughter because “female sperm” is more resilient and can outlast male sperm.

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Food to conceive a baby girl should be paired with timing sexual intercourse — before or after ovulation! | Image: iStock

Some also believe that an acidic diet results in more acidic cervical mucus. Because of this, “female sperm” can thrive or last longer.

Others claim having lots of sex can help increase the chances of conceiving girls. Why? Because it decreases sperm count. Some even advise men to take hot baths before sex because “male sperms” don’t like the heat.

Though these theories need to be backed by further research, it’s interesting to know that mums and dads can nudge nature along in their favour.

It’s fascinating to imagine just how far science can take us in choosing our child’s future gender, but we should not forget that what matters most is that babies are born healthy. Be sure to consult your doctor before attempting any recommended “tricks” to influence conception!


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