What is a flu vaccination? Find out how it can save your kids

What is a flu vaccination? Find out how it can save your kids

Flu vaccinations could potentially save you a lot of headache or even save your child’s life. Find out how it can help them. Brought to you by HPB.

Influenza, or flu for short, is a common ailment, easily caught and spread. While adults do get it from time to time, kids tend to be more susceptible. Our precious little ones are out at school all day, running in and out of their classroom, into the canteen, into the field and onto the bus before they come home.

Flu vaccine

They could easily catch the flu from one of their friends or just by being exposed to a lot of germs outside.

That is why it is important for parents to take steps to protect your loved ones from the flu by taking them for flu vaccinations in addition to practising good hygiene measures to help fight the spread of infectious diseases.

What is a flu vaccination?

We’re not going to go into medical terms here, but parents, flu vaccinations basically help your kid’s body develop antibodies about two weeks after the jab to protect them against the viruses in the vaccine.

Flu viruses, like your child’s immunity, are constantly evolving. That is why it is recommended to get a flu vaccination once a year every year. This is the best protection against flu. It is best to get it done at least two weeks before flu season starts! In Singapore, this “peak” season is generally from December and February then again from May to July each year.

How can it save your child?

flu vaccine

A flu is sometimes not just a flu. What can seem like a common cold could turn into more severe illnesses like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection (which could lead to deafness), meningitis (inflammation of the lining that covers the brain) and in extreme cases, even death.

Children may be more susceptible to serious complications, especially between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Not to mention, getting a flu vaccination once a year will be saving you a lot of headache from having to bring your kids to the clinic when they fall sick. You will be saving a lot of time and money!

Vaccinations are offered at hospitals, polyclinics and GP clinics. They cost between $35-$50 - a reasonable once a year cost, every year, for maintaining your child’s health all year round. Always consult a doctor first. But parents, you should look into getting a flu vaccination for your kids before the next flu season hits. Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Find out more about flu vaccinations at Fight the Spread by Health Promotion Board.

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Sarah Voon

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