First Animal Kaiser Flagship Store in Singapore

First Animal Kaiser Flagship Store in Singapore

The first and largest Animal Kaiser Flagship Store outside of Japan opens in Singapore.

Riding on the growing popularity of the interactive card game, Animal Kaiser, IAHGames, Games Credit Asia (GCA) and Cathay Organisation have opened ‘AK [email protected]”, the first Animal Kaiser flagship store outside of Japan.

It is the largest Animal Kaiser Venue in Singapore in terms of number of game machines it offers. [email protected] boasts 8 Animal Kaiser game machines and is the only exclusive Animal Kaiser –themed club, which caters to fans of all ages .As the premier Animal Kaiser arena, [email protected] offers a dedicated area for game-play and tournaments, as well as a place for card-trading, socializing and building of a fan network.

Launched in Singapore in June 2009, Animal Kaiser uses real world animals to teach children about the animal kingdom in fun and enjoyable way, as every animal in the game is based on actual data and facts. There are currently over 200 Animal Kaiser machines in Singapore.

Players can scan their “Animal” game-cards to play as their animal avatars in the machine. They can enjoy unbelievable skills when they boost their avatar’s abilities by scanning “Strong” cards and endow them with special attacks by scanning “Miracle” cards. The machine dispenses a card after each complete session.

A member of the AK community and father of two sons, Adrian, shares his experiences on the Animal Kaiser game machines.“ My son and I regularly practice playing the Animal Kaiser game almost every weekend in preparation for tournaments. We have fun figuring out which cards to use to form the best combination in order to win. We’ve been playing this game for the past two years and we’re still at it! My son has actually learnt how to be street smart as he now knows how to trade the cards he has won during the tournaments with others in a very street smart way.  He has also learnt how to be responsible and he takes pride in the cards he has won. Most importantly he has actually learnt good sportsmanship as he now accepts losing in a calm manner, learns from his mistakes and does not give up.”

[email protected] is open from 12p.m. to 3a.m. on weekends, and from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays. For more information, you may visit or

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