Find out why Mums think illuma® 3 is the best!

Find out why Mums think illuma® 3 is the best!

Here’s what mums have to say about the various aspects of the illuma® and why it is the best formula milk for your little one.

As mothers, it’s only natural that we want to give our little ones the best for their development.

This includes feeding them the right foods for healthy growth, making sure they hit their developmental milestones and monitoring their sleep cycles so that they get enough rest. We also strive to maximise our quality bonding time with them, and scour for the best products like well-made cribs and strollers.

With regard to supplementing your child’s diet with formula milk, you obviously want to make the right decision too.

When it comes to choosing the best formula milk for your little one, there are countless varieties out there. As such, it helps to know exactly what makes a quality milk formula, so you can narrow down your options.

A good one should be backed by reliable nutritional science and improve digestion and bowel movement. It should also have packaging that makes feeding a breeze, be one which your child can transit to easily and boast general health benefits.

Mums would be happy to know that illuma® Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder fulfils all of these criteria. Created by the experts at Wyeth Nutrition, the formula contains a unique combination of breakthrough ingredients sn-2 Palmitate and A2 β-casein.  

It’s got plenty of great reviews from Singaporean mums as well, validating its benefits and effectiveness. Here’s what mums have to say about the various aspects of the illuma® and why it is the best formula milk for your little one.

Why Mums Think illuma® Is The Best Formula Milk

Ease of transition to the formula

Some children can be particularly fussy when transitioning to formula milk. If you find them enjoying the taste of a new formula, you know you’ve struck gold.

As these mums share, the switch to illuma® milk powder was seamless and fuss-free.

Lambmon8 relates that her 16-month old daughter was usually a fussy drinker, making it challenging to switch to formula. “Prior to illuma I tried 4 other brands which saw her straw cup flying across the floor,” she recalls. “illuma was the first that she was able to finish a feed.”

As for Angelaliling, she was also surprised that her daughter finished the whole feed. “Usually when we give her milk of around 150 to 180ml, around 60ml would be leftover on each intake,” she says. “But she started to finish the whole bottle of illuma milk after every feed.”

Another sign that your child is taking well to a formula is sound sleep throughout the night. As mum Synne Ng shares, her son has enjoyed restful sleep after switching to illuma® milk powder.

“My son has been able to sleep soundly since transitioning to it,” she says. “Tucking him into bed is one of my favourite parts of the day, and it’s comforting to know that he’ll always have a good night’s rest!”

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Effectiveness in boosting baby digestion and bowel movement

There’s no question that a good formula should help − and not hinder − your little one’s digestion. After switching to illuma® Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder, many mums report more consistent bowel movements and healthier stools in their kids.

 “I used to worry a lot over my son’s digestive issues,” says mum Lena Tan. “But his digestion is much better after consuming the milk, and I can rest easy knowing he has smooth and regular bowel moments.”

Mum Angelaliling also observes, “My daughter’s bowel movement actually increased from every 2 to 3 days to daily, which is very good for her intestine and stomach.”

Her observations are echoed by fellow mum Elaine0707, whose daughter consumes the formula each morning and evening. “After around ten days, we noticed her bowel movement was better than before, and she gets to poop every day now,” she says.

Overall health benefits

 Aside from boosting digestion, an ideal milk formula that provides your child with other health benefits like a healthy gut, strengthening of their immune system and bone strength.

“My daughter’s immunity has improved after consuming illuma milk powder, and she doesn’t fall sick as easily,” observes mum Sheryl Koh. “It is reassuring to know that her gut health and immune system are in good hands.”

Alia Sharma adds, “My son’s growth and development is really important to me. I’m glad that the milk is helping him develop strong bones, so he can end each day feeling happy and accomplished.”

Mum Oliva Yong is happy to see her daughter growing well too. “She really enjoys the smell and taste of the milk,” says Olivia. “I have confidence that she will grow well because she is getting all the quality nutrients her young body needs.”

A user-friendly design

You will also want to pick a milk formula with good packaging and design. As you’ll be giving your baby regular feeds, a formula that’s difficult to store and administer can prove frustrating.

To keep the formula fresh, illuma® milk powder comes with an airtight dome lid. A measuring scoop attached to the lid provides ease of storage, and a levelling bar ensures precise accuracy with each feed.

“When I first received the milk, I was very impressed at how nice the packaging is,” says mum Nunnie. “The tight lid does require some strength in opening, but this is good as it prevents air and insects from going in. Also, the scooper has a slot under the lid, which is genius so we don't have to dig for it in the powder with our hands.”

Fellow mum Ggimmickgirl also approves of the sleek design. “I honestly love the fact that it has a designated hook to hold the milk powder spoon − it is definitely neater and more convenient,” she says.

Jenntsao2000 adds, “I was impressed by the packaging to protect the tin, as well as the plastic wrap to prevent accidents.”

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A formula for success

Finding a good formula takes time, and perhaps a little trial and error.  When you find one that meets your child’s needs, it takes a huge load off your shoulders as you know your bundle of joy is getting the nutrients they deserve.  So make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to make the right decision!

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