Finally - A way to control your air conditioner based on more than just temperature alone!

Finally - A way to control your air conditioner based on more than just temperature alone!

It is an exciting time to be alive! Especially with this smart device that controls your air conditioner to keep you comfortable despite changing humidity, weather, sunlight and more!

In sunny Singapore, we get the privilege of enjoying summer weather (and monsoons) throughout the year. A couple of good things about it is that we only need one wardrobe all year and the kids can go out to enjoy the sun every weekend. The bad thing about it is the perpetual, unrelenting heat and humidity we experience on a daily basis, which may also lead to the kids having heat rash and a string of other grievances.

Thankfully, almost everyone’s home is well equipped with an air-conditioner (AC) to combat the blistering heat during the day and night. After all, we are all most productive when we are comfortable and the kids stay happy.

However, so many factors can affect comfort, from the humidity levels, to the temperature, the amount of direct sunlight, time of day and not to mention, the haze levels (we all know how suffocating that time of the year can be!).

So we do what we have to do and install ACs at home. We turn up the temperature when it gets too chilly at night and we make sure to blast the air-conditioning to the max during the hottest parts of the day.

But that only controls the single set point temperature, completely ignoring the other critical factors that contribute to our comfort levels. In this day and age where we can customise just about anything, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we can also customise our comfort levels as provided by an AC.

Finally - A way to control your air conditioner based on more than just temperature alone!

The advent of smartphones, smart televisions and the like have also given way for innovation to happen in the air-conditioning space. Smart air-conditioning, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, now offers the customisation we lacked before for the whole family.

No, this is not an exaggeration or a dream. The future is here and now with Ambi Climate. Using Ambi Climate AI technology, parents can effortlessly maintain the comfort of their kids at all times.

What is Ambi Climate? The Ambi Climate is an A.I.-powered AC control system which was launched on Kickstarter by Ambi Labs in 2014.

How it works: users just tell the system if they are feeling hot or cold via the smartphone app and Ambi Climate’s A.I. engine will analyse multiple factors, including the humidity, weather and sunlight, before adjusting almost any remote-controlled AC to the perfect temperature, while also saving energy.

As the factors change, Ambi Climate will also adjust the AC to deliver ideal comfort levels. But remember that customisation we were talking about before? That’s where Ambi Climate modes come in.

Finally - A way to control your air conditioner based on more than just temperature alone!

There are four main modes that the Ambi Climate operates in – Comfort, Temperature, Away and Manual Mode.

Comfort mode is the revolutionary, comfort-focused paradigm that defines the Ambi Climate experience today. In comfort mode,  Ambi Climate’s A.I. engine collects feedback about your comfort in different climate conditions at different times of the day. It then analyzes and understands how these factors affect you and automatically adjusts the AC to deliver optimal comfort.

Temperature Mode allows you to select a set target temperature – based on the sensors in the Ambi Climate, rather than those mounted high up in the AC. Ambi Climate then selects the best settings to maintain this temperature at all times, taking into account the room environment and the performance of your AC against external factors like sunlight and weather.

Away Mode is another extremely helpful mode. It helps to adjust and maintain a cooling or drying threshold. What that means is that you can choose to keep the temperature and humidity below a certain level – perfect for when you’re out of the house and want to take care of your pets, or to avoid mouldy conditions.

Manual Mode also allows you to control your AC through the Ambi Climate app without having to use the remote (because we’re always losing those pesky things!). You don’t necessarily even have to be next to the AC or at home! All the key features of the AC remote (fan speed, direction, temperature, etc) can be controlled using Ambi Climate.

Finally - A way to control your air conditioner based on more than just temperature alone!

The original Ambi Climate raised almost US$115,000 (S$159,000) in funding. This year, the company is debuting their Ambi Climate 2nd Edition on Kickstarter and has successfully exceeded its funding goal of US$50,000 (S$69,200) within 11 hours after launch. To get your very own Ambi Climate 2nd Edition, join over 800 backers around the world and back them on Kickstarter at this link from now until June 22, 2017.


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