Here’s our list of 10 favorite TV mums of the last decade

Here’s our list of 10 favorite TV mums of the last decade

From comedy to drama, these awesome TV moms gave us memorable performances which makes us wish they existed in real life!

We've watched a lot of mom characters throughout the years: some are funny, while others are disciplinarians, some try their best to be"cool".

However they are portrayed, these mums have filled our homes with laughter and tears through the years, and they all have admirable traits that inspire us.

So, here are the best mums we've seen come to life on television over the last 10 years---in no particular order.

1. Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls

She's the first one that comes to mind when thinking about the best mums ever to grace our small screens. Getting pregnant at 15 and being disowned by her wealthy parents did not stop her from raising her little girl, Rory, well. (Rory excelled in academics, being one of the star students at Yale University.)

The fast-talking duo, who calls the quaint fictional town of Stars Hollow home, is one the most memorable mother-daughter duos in TV history.

Beloved for their witty banter, and enviable BFF status, they remain in the hearts of viewers long after the last episode aired in 2007.


2. Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy

Faced with difficulties conceiving, top surgeon Meredith Grey and her husband Derek decided to adopt an African child who came to their hospital as a patient. She later on got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Meredith faced many personal and professional struggles prior to the birth of her third child but she picked herself up and is raising three kids on her own all while excelling as one of the best surgeons in Seattle, Washington.


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3. Claire Dunphy of Modern Family

This mom of three is not afraid to speak frankly. Though her kids misunderstand her good intentions at times, it doesn't stop her from doing what's best for them.

With her husband/partner-in-crime Phil by her side, this duo makes the hit show even funnier!


4. Kitty Forman of That 70s Show

The matriarch of the show has a small voice but a big personality. Her high-pitched laugh is what fans remember most all.

Though she loves to bake, cook, and clean her most favorite activity is caring for her kids Eric and Lorie and all the other teens in the neighborhood.

Her overbearing nature makes for excellent comedy because it's coupled with pure love.


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5. Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives

This career gal turned stay-at-home mom has been through a lot throughout the hit show's run: cancer treatment, twin boys diagnosed with ADD, discovering her husband has a love child, to name a few.

But she rose above it all and made a career comeback and overcame the disease all while raising five kids with her husband, Tom, with whom she eventually made amends.


6. Nora Walker of Brothers and Sisters

Nora, a mother-of-five who's had a difficult relationship with her own mother, is not only the show's matriarch but the central character.

As she mourns the death of her husband due to a heart attack but she is blindsided by the revelation that he had a love child with his mistress.

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She is then faced with many struggles: another failed relationship, having to deal with one of her children's cancer diagnosis, yet another illegitimate child fathered by her late husband but she overcomes it all.

She eventually finds happiness in her new-found career as a Radio DJ, doling out advice on the show, 'Call Mum'.


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7. Piper Halliwell on Charmed

She places her life on the line on a daily basis to protect her two boys, Wyatt and Chris. Though the show takes place in a fictional world filled with magic and spells, at its core is the love of family.

The main character, Piper, had to overcome a lot from the start: she fell in love with a "white lighter" named Leo, something which was prohibited. But she fought for their future even if it meant losing him for a while.

Despite the many dangers she and her sisters faced, her love for them and her children urged her on.


8. Kristina Braverman of Parenthood

This TV mum is the perfect combination of strength and unconditional love. She stands by her teenage daughter and autistic son throughout the difficulties of parenting.

She is one of the most relatable mums on TV because she cries and stumbles but does everything for the love of her kids. A cancer scare deepened her love for her family and they, in turn, appreciated her more when they thought that they would be losing her so soon.

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9. Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights

Tami is not just a great mum to her daughters but she also cares for all the students at Dillon High School. She's not afraid to meddle when she has to (because she cares!), offer advice to family and friends but ultimately, she supports their hopes and dreams.

Her luscious locks, stylish aviators, and heart of gold are all part of her signature style.


10. Cora Crawley of Downton Abbey

She puts the 'lady' in ladyship as she remains poised throughout all the drama and scandal that befalls their aristocratic family in the 1920s.

She's loyal to her husband the Earl of Grantham despite his flaws and she manages to rein in and guide her headstrong daughters with her quiet strength.

She is not merely a lady of leisure concerned with maintaining appearances, she's a peacemaker and mediator who holds the family together with her enduring grace and wisdom.


No matter what genre our parenting style falls under, one thing's for sure: a mother's love for her kids defies definition!


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