Father plunges down a waterfall trying to save his daughter

Father plunges down a waterfall trying to save his daughter

Their daughter had slipped while she was climbing up. In the process of saving their her from peril, both parents fell.

In Malaysia, a Singaporean father paid the ultimate price when he plunged down a waterfall in Kulai, Johor while attempting to save his daughter from drowning.

Identified as David Cho, he, his wife Chua Soon Hoon, and their seven-year-old daughter had dropped by the Gunung Pulai waterfall in Kulai while they were at a picnic with their relatives.

According to Channel News Asia, the couple’s daughter had slipped while she was climbing up. They tried to save her from falling, and in the process, both parents fell.

A spokesperson from Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their condolences for the bereaved family.

"MFA expresses our deepest condolences to the family of the Singaporean who passed away at the Gunung Pulai waterfall today,” he said. “We also wish those who are injured a speedy recovery.”

Meanwhile, "Singapore’s Consulate-General in Johor Bahru visited the injured family, who have since returned to their homeland.

The Consulate-General will also to provide the necessary consular assistance to the family.

Keeping children safe outdoors

Children are naturally prone to accidents and mishaps; that’s just their nature. When they’re outside, however, risks to their safety are heightened. That’s why parents and guardians need to keep a vigilant eye on their children.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention offers these tips to make sure the family’s outdoor experience is a safe, positive event.

Safe physical activities

Be sure to bring protective gear, such as helmets, sturdy shoes, and life jackets. Avoid poisonous plants, like poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Know your limits, and take steps to avoid injury during activities. Never hike or swim alone. Watch kids closely.

Sun protection

Use a broad-spectrum (against UVA and UVB rays) sunscreen and lip screen with at least SPF 15. Seek shade, especially during midday hours, when the sun’s rays are strongest. Cover up with clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

Be prepared

Before you leave, check the weather report, learn about security at your camp location, and tell family and friends your plans. Be sure to bring along a supply kit that includes a first-aid kit, compass or GPS, map, flashlight, blankets, batteries, food, water, clothes, and medications. Know who to contact at the camp to report issues that may come up.

Photo credit: Johor Tourism

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