Singapore Dad Of 7 Kids Sends Heartfelt Last Message On Whatsapp Before His Death

Singapore Dad Of 7 Kids Sends Heartfelt Last Message On Whatsapp Before His Death

Out hearts go out to him and his family. Rest in peace.

A 47-year-old father in Singapore had passed away from heart disease on 16 Dec after heading to work despite feeling unwell, according to LianHe Wanbao.

Zhong De Rong had a hunch that his health had been deteriorating.  

The father of 7 children had been suffering from chest pain due to heart disease (angina pectoris) twice and felt numbness on half of his body on 14 Dec in the early morning. 

Afraid that he had little time left to live, Zhong left a heartfelt message via Whatsapp to his four daughters.

Father's Heartfelt Last Message To His Children

Zhong said that it was getting difficult to breathe, and now impossible to move. 

"In the event something happens to me, you must be united as a family... help me to take care of your mum, love and care for her on my behalf..." Zhong had said.  

He made sure to relay this to his kids multiple times, and for them to promise never to abandon their mother. 

"Don't let her overthink further, she has suffered by marrying me," Zhong added.

The father also expressed his regret for not being able to provide a stable livelihood for the family. It was reported that Zhong was a salesman dealing with electronic equipment earning a basic salary of S$1,200. 

The family lives at Blk 641 Ang Mo Kio in a two-room rental flat. It was said that despite the family not being that well-to-do, Zhong's children were content and very obedient.

Zhong also said that he is sorry that despite trying his best, he still failed. Still, he is already very happy to be treated as family, he added in his message. 

Sought Medical Help A Little Too Late

Zhong had promised to attend a medical checkup, after one of his daughters who read the message urged him to do so. However, he still went to work on 16 Dec, despite feeling unwell.

The chest pains came back after returning home from work and he was admitted into the hospital that same day. 

Despite undergoing resuscitation immediately, Zhong passed away from heart disease. 

Source: LianHe Wanbao

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