Fast and ‘Furious’ Tiger baby

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LMK shares her labour story with


Felt extra tired on 1 Nov 2010 as I had  intercourse with my spouse. I am 36 weeks pregnant then. That very night at almost midnight, I saw bloody watery discharge which accompanied stomach cramps.

On the advice of my Gynae, I was told to monitor the contractions until past midnight. But my tummy felt increasingly harder and the contractions came at more frequent intervals. My lower back also started to ache. Saw more blood from discharge.

Called gynae again at midnight to update him on progress and was advised to get myself admitted into the hospital immediately. Around 12.30am, I strolled into the labour ward myself because I was feeling too embarrassed to sit on wheelchair even though there were only nurses around.

I got myself changed into the hospital robe and came out to chit chat with the nurse. To my surprise, I found out that the nurse’s birthdate is also 2nd Nov.

She checked my dilation and was surprised that I was already 7cm dilated. I’m also very surprised that I could tolerate the discomfort.

The Nurse composed herself and quickly called my gynae. Then She asked if my water bag had burst and I said no. Before I know it, in the next few mins, I felt a gush of water flowing out. My water bag had burst on it’s own!

The contractions came fast and furious! I asked for the painkiller injection at the thighs as the laughing gas was useless and I only felt like laughing.

After my Gynae came, my urge to push came very very strong and the pain was indescribable. I pushed and pushed but baby couldn’t come out as he was facing upwards, my Gynae had to use forceps to help get him out.

After short while as he pulled and I pushed,baby number 2 emerged. He was a little blue in the face but otherwise looks fine and chubby!

After the nurse with the same birthdate cleaned him up, he cried and cried furiously until the nurse brought him to me and I told him to stop crying and immediately he kept quiet.

In all, my labour took 2 hours. He is our baby number 2 born on 02 November 2011 at 2am.

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