13 fashion mistakes mums make and how to avoid them!

13 fashion mistakes mums make and how to avoid them!

Forgotten your style? Struggling to get your fashion mojo back? Not to worry because our top 13 fashion do's and don'ts for mums will have you feeling fashionably fabulous in no time!

When you become a Mum it is so easy to get caught up in the crazy day-to-day rush of being a parent.  This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your inner fashionista! To make it easier to bring her back, we’ve put together the top 13 fashion mistakes mums make in a handy list of do’s and don’ts so you can avoid the pitfalls and look as stylish as ever!

The Top 13 Fashion Mistakes Mums Make:

fashion mistakes mums make

Mums don’t forget to revamp your lingerie drawer! Image Source: Pinterest

1. Not getting the right bra

After you have had a child you naturally want to go back to those beautiful bras you had before you got pregnant.  Remember that you body changes when you have a child, and most of us so not go back to our pre-pregnancy shape. 

The biggest fashion mistake mums make is to forget to change their intimates.  So treat yourself to new bras. 

Go to a shop or department store that has a bra fitting service and get re-measured.  Once you are in the right sized bra you will feel sexy no matter how casual the outfit.

Embrace your inner goddess!

fashion mistakes mums make

Go mid to high! Leave those low rise jeans behind! Image Source: Pinterest

2. Wearing low rise jeans

As you all know running around after your baby is a constant flourish of movement including picking things up.  Low rise jeans have the misfortune of often showing your underwear line when your clothes move or you bend over. 

In addition, low rise jeans are very unforgiving of the stomach and midriff when you are trying to get your figure back!  Don’t suffer the embarrassment of showing a muffin top or panty line.

Try a mid- or high-waisted alternative instead, to give you more support around the stomach and less worry when moving around.

fashion mistakes mums make

Don’t wait, buy transition clothes that fit! Image Source: Pinterest

3. Waiting until you lose the weight

How many times have we said: ‘I’ll treat myself to some new clothes once I loose all the weight?’  Every woman is different and the time it may take to go back, or whether you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight varies widely. 

So don’t make the typical fashion mistakes mums make and put of buying new clothes.  Even if you are planning to loose more weight buy a few transition outfits that fit your new figure. 

You will look and feel better for it!

fashion mistakes mums make

Get up and get dressed! Image Source: Shutterstock

4. Not getting dressed for the day

Spending your day trying to get all your errands done while the kids are at school? Feel like you don’t have a moment to yourself?

This is very common especially when the kids are little.  But don’t spend all day on your yoga pants or joggers (or PJs)! 

Of course they are comfortable, and your time is precious, but take a few minutes to change after the initial school run.  Not only will you look more sophisticated but you will feel better about yourself as well.

fashion mistakes mums make

Don’t steal your daughter’s clothes! Image Source: Shutterstock

5. Borrowing your teenage daughter’s clothes

You and your daughter may well be the same height, shape and build but your body is in a different stage.  You have had a baby, she has not. 

As much as it might be tempting to go through her closet, chose clothes that reflect your age.  This doesn’t mean frumpy or mumsy at all; but a woman should wear things that flatter her at her stage of life and her body.

Don’t succumb to  typical fashion mistakes mums make: go funky and fun – just not teenage style!

fashion mistakes mums make

Avoid leggings or pair them with a tunic! Image Source: Pinterest

6. Wearing leggings

Of course they are comfortable but if you are wearing leggings, pair them with a tunic or under a skirt.  Leggings are very unforgiving to your bottom half (read cameltoe) and should be be worn with care. 

fashion mistakes mums make

Move from maxi dresses to skirts!

7. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are such an easy way to dress, giving you comfort, fluidity and generally some great prints.  However, if you have recently had a baby one of the most common fashion mistakes mums make is to go back to the maxi.

The maxi can make you appear bigger than you are. But if you love this look, don’t despair. Instead of a maxi dress look for a well cut maxi skirt and pair this with a top that flatters your figure!

fashion mistakes mums make

Stick with women’s clothes!

8. Wearing your husband’s clothes

So you can’t fit into your old clothes but your husband’s are right there? Although tempting, men’s clothes often appear boxy on women and therefore will not fit your form. 

Although it can be sexy to wear your husband’s shirt to bed, wearing it out and about is another matter.  Instead get some comfortable blouses tailored to you!

fashion mistakes mums make

Trust your tailor!

9. Not making alterations to your clothes

There are some clothes we need to leave behind once we lose weight but if you have a favourite and are still in between the post pregnancy and your ideal weight, find a tailor who you can trust.  A good tailor will tell you when a garment should be altered and when it is time to put it to rest. 

Your in-between clothes can often get you through weight loss stages with the right adjustments.

fashion mistakes mums make

Look for flat front alternatives. Image Source: Shutterstock & Pinterest

10. Wearing pleated trousers

Pleated trousers can be beautiful, but if you are still holding a bit of weight around your tummy they will draw attention to this area.  Instead choose a flat-front mid- to high-waist trouser.

If you are still conscious of your weight remember black is best.

fashion mistakes mums make

Buy a fair of stylish but comfortable flats

11. Always wearing plain sneakers

We all know that running around after the kids is trainers is the most comfortable option, but sneakers don’t go with everything.  Don’t make one of the common fashion mistake mums make. If you are going to stick with them, try some sneakers with embellishments, go for fun colours, sequins or patterns to lend them some style. 

Also there is no replacement for a good pair of flats.  Grab those ballerinas and step out in comfort and style!

fashion mistkes mums make

Remember your style and bring it back

12. Forgetting about your style

You know that clothes express who you are, or at least you did before you had children right? Don’t forget what you love and if this changes slightly don’t deny it: embrace it. 

This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes mums make.  Remember we all go through different fashion phases so find the looks that make you comfortable and confident whether this be a return to the old you or a revamp. 

Being a mother does not negate the woman you are, so go through your closest, purge the old and embrace the new that reflects who you are now.

fashion mistakes mums make

Embrace the BB cream!

13. Not wearing any makeup

Doing your hair and makeup is often one of the last things you feel like doing in the morning but it will make you feel like a new person. Forgetting to look after your skin is a an easy fashion mistake mums make, but don’t worry there is no need to get all dolled up.

When it comes to makeup, a little goes a long way.  The best way is to simplify your routine. 

For example, if you can’t be bothered putting on full foundation, doing your cheeks and eyes then simply employ a BB cream and a subtle lip gloss.  This will give your skin a natural, brighter and more even town with a small accent to your lips. 

As you get more settled into your mum routine bring back the old classics you used to wear. If you are new to BB creams Marie France Asia has a great guide.

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