Fann Wong is 3 months pregnant!

Fann Wong is 3 months pregnant!

Fann Wong was a beautiful bride and there is no doubt that she is a glowing mum-to-be. Yes, you heard us! Announcements were made, confirming her pregnancy. Read on to find out more!

This is it, fans of Fann! Fann Wong is pregnant! Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are expecting a ‘Horse’ baby!

Rumours circling Fann Wong’s possible pregnancy finally came true today.  An announcement of Fann Wong being pregnant was made on Fann’s Facebook Fan Page by an admin, showing a picture of the famous couple with the caption :  “It’s confirmed! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lee.”

According to The New Paper, Fann’s official Facebook page is managed by Fann herself, and her official fan club, the Fannatic Fan Club (FFC).

Fann wong pregnant, christopher lee

Source: Fann Wong’s Instagram

The same announcements were made on her Instagram and Twitter pages as well and held the words, “Yes, we’re having a baby! Can’t wait to see our little new bundle of joy!”

It did not take long for this momentous news to spread like wildfire online as netizens rejoiced at the much anticipated pregnancy. Fans have been eyeing Fann’s tummy to look out for any sign of baby bump ever since she wed Lee in 2009.

One of our readers, Sherry Lee, 34-year-old Singaporean mother of 3, who adores Wong said: 

“Finally Fann Wong is pregnant after many years of public speculations. I am definitely excited and happy for Mediacorp’s Golden couple Christopher Lee and Da-jie Fann Wong for their pregnancy. Singapore will have a “royal baby” to look forward to.”

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TODAY Online quoted other celebrities and friends of the couple, showing how ecstatic they are about the news: 

Tay Ping Hui said: “Congrats to them both! I am sure the baby will be gorgeous!”

Zheng Geping said: “Needless to say, I’m especially happy. They have waited for so long — they wanted kids right after getting married. They love kids. Chris is my good buddy and he always asks after my kids. I used to tell them, ‘You are so busy and working frequently in different countries, how to make babies?’ This will be a happy progression of their marriage. They have such good genes — they have to procreate!”

Ian Fang, who has called Wong his “older sister” since they played siblings in the TV series, On The Fringe, said: “I have been waiting for this moment. I used to joke with them that if they have a baby girl, maybe I could wait for her (to grow up), because their genes are superb.”

fann wong pregnant, christopher lee

Source: Fann Wong’s Instagram

An article published in Straits Times online said that Christopher Lee revealed the pregnancy to the Taiwanese media earlier today at a Chinese New Year celebration held by Catwalk (which is the Taiwanese modelling and artist agency that represents the star couple. He showed much excitement, saying “I’m suppressing my excitement. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.”

And why wouldn’t he be? This prince of the East is going to make him a very proud papa!

theAsianparent congratulates Fann Wong and Christopher Lee on this happy occasion!

We wish Fann a happy pregnancy and smooth delivery!

Are you excited about Fann’s pregnancy? Drop us a comment in the box below and let us know what you think!

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