5 FREE family activities in Singapore that happen once a month!

5 FREE family activities in Singapore that happen once a month!

And the best part is... they're absolutely free!

These days, it can be a challenge to try and find places for your whole family that doesn't involve entrance fees or payment of any sort. As Singaporeans, we love anything that's free, especially if it benefits us, right?

Here are 5 family places that you can bring your family to that are absolutely free!


#1 Straits Family Sunday @ Peranakan Museum

On the second Sunday of each month, the Peranakan Museum invites all families to join them in enjoying a cultural weekend, learning about the different cultures and heritage. The upcoming event, Panjang Panjang Umur, takes place on the 10th of April from 1pm to 5pm.

"Panjang Panjang Umur means "long long life". Celebrate the Peranakan Museum’s birthday this month! Go on a kid-friendly tour to get to know the history of the building, or make a 3D model of the museum."

When? 10th April 2016
Where? Peranakan Museum
How much? Free!
What time? 1pm - 5pm
Find out more information here.


#2 Gardener's Day Out

Do you or your kids have a green thumb? Curious to know more about gardening? National Parks' Gardener's Day Out is a monthly event for the whole family! Join them as they introduce hands-on fun in the workshops, spanning topics such as gardening, floral arrangements, arts and crafts and lots more.

When? 9th April 2016
Where? HortPark
How much? Free!
What time? 9am - 5pm
Find out more information here.


#3 Stargazing at the Science Centre Singapore

There's no need to purchase your own telescope now, as Science Centre Singapore offers a free stargazing session every Friday. Yes, you heard me. Every Friday!

When? Every Friday (Take note that they will be closed on Good Friday)
Where? Science Centre Singapore, The Observatory (at the Omni-Theatre building)
How much? Free!
What time? 7.45pm - 10pm
Find out more information here.


#4 Fire Station Open House

Say goodbye to the fire station toys, and hello to the real-life trucks and firemen. Your kids can have the opportunity to head down to any fire station (except Jurong Island Fire Station) during their open house every Saturday morning to experience what it's like to be a fireman.

When? Every Saturday
Where? All fire stations except Jurong Island Fire Station
How much? Free!
What time? 9am - 11am
Find out more information here.


#5 Road Safety Park

Open 24/7, this is the place to bring your child to if you'd like them to learn about road safety. There are mini versions of Shell Petrol Station, traffic lights, zebra crossings, and even police stations!

When? Daily, 24/7 (As long as it isn't being booked by a school)
Where? Road Safety Park, 910 East Coast Parkway
How much? Free!
What time? Open 24/7
Find out more information here.


What are some other family-friendly monthly activities happening? Share with us in the comments below!

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Written by

Claudia Chia

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