5-Year-Old Singapore boy falls to death after getting locked inside office

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[WARNING: Sensitive Content] "When he was sound asleep earlier, I wanted to let him sleep a bit more and could not bear to wake him up. I did not think that we would never see him again..."

A really sad news has been reported. A 5-year-old boy falls to death in Singapore after he had accidentally got locked up inside his parents’ 8th floor office at 11 Woodlands Close.

The tragedy happened on 5 Jan 2019 at about 9 pm…

Little boy falls to death in Singapore

According to Shin Min Daily News, the boy’s parents run an education centre, and they had taken the child and his older brother to office that day. It was a routine that the family often followed.

The child, Soo Jia He, had fallen asleep while his parents were doing work.

When it was time to leave, the boy’s father switched off the lights and the family ended up driving home with his older brother, leaving the child accidentally locked up inside the office.

It was only when they reached their home’s carpark (which was just a 5-minute drive from the office), did they realise their folly.

They rushed back but the child was not there in the centre. To their horror, they found their son’s body on the ground floor. The window of the office was found to be pushed open…The child had apparently tried to escape through the window.

The boy was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. 

What is heartbreakingly tragic is that, the child had been left alone for just 10 minutes…

falls to death in Singapore


“Our home is only a five-minute drive from the office. I couldn’t believe that when we rushed back to the office, we would see my son’s body lying on the ground floor”, the grieving mother, Ms Hu, told Shin Min Daily News.

She feels that her son would have panicked seeing the family driving away in the car, and tried to escape through the window…

“When he was sound asleep earlier, I wanted to let him sleep a bit more and could not bear to wake him up.

“I did not think that we would never see him again…”

Police are now investigating the tragedy.

The boy was the youngest child in the family. He had an older sister and 2 older brothers.

His eldest brother revealed to The New Paper that the family doted on the little child, and that, his mum and youngest brother were especially close.

“They sleep side-by-side together every day… My parents treat us all equally, just that I think they take extra care of him because he’s the youngest.”

“My mum is devastated”, he said.

“It is a tragic accident that nobody could have foresaw”, the boy’s father, Mr Soo, told The Straits Times at his wake on Sunday night. The heart-broken parents have been unable to sleep after the incident.

“We don’t know for sure how it happened, but all that does not matter now, the end result is still the same. Just like that, our son is gone. How are we going to be okay again?”

theAsianparent offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of this young boy. May the family find strength to deal with their loss.

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(Source: The Straits Times, The New Paper)

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