Eye for the Future: Taking Care Of Your Eyes By Getting Regular Eye Check-ups

Eye for the Future: Taking Care Of Your Eyes By Getting Regular Eye Check-ups

Having “perfect vision” doesn’t mean you don’t need to get regular eye check-ups. If you haven’t started getting your eyes checked, here’s everything you need to know:

Whether your vision is 20/20 or not, here are useful eyecare tips for everyone in the family.

I have always had decent eyesight and never required any vision correction. However, I am also guilty of not regularly having eye check-ups – I believe my last eye check-up was probably more than a decade ago, so it is hard to tell if my vision has changed or by how much. Which is why I jumped on the opportunity to have a comprehensive eye examination at Videre Eyecare when it popped up. 

During this visit, I was able to undergo a couple of eye tests to find out more about eye health and finally give my eyes the care it deserves. 

Basic eyecare tips

We are constantly engaged in some device or another in today's digital world. This applies not just for adults but to our children as well. This has resulted in not only an increase in the number of myopia cases but an earlier onset in children too. Common eye issues faced by children include digital eye fatigue, colour deficiency and early signs of keratoconus—a progressive eye disease that causes distorted vision. But how do we address these issues?

The first step to good eye health is to go for regular eye examinations starting from a young age. It is especially important to arrange for immediate eye examinations if your child experiences any of the following symptoms:

  • Squinting to see distant objects
  • Moving nearer to the TV/computer screen
  • Holding books very close when reading
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eyes hurting/Headache

Scheduling an Eye Examination

Videre Eyecare, the leading expert in vision care offers a comprehensive range of eye examinations and services tailored for all stages of life: from early detection of refraction errors to myopia control and eye disease screening. During my visit, I got checks on digital eye fatigue, colour deficiency, glaucoma screening and keratoconus screening. These are services geared towards millennials aged 17 to 35.

eyecare tips

Videre Eyecare also offers an eye health check package tailored for children from ages 4 to 16 years called I-GEN. This package includes myopia management, colour deficiency, eye teaming and lazy eye screening. The eye check process is seamless at Videre Eyecare, with the patient’s information and results stored in a digital card at each station. With the card, the optometrist can easily pull up or update information at each step of the examination.

We often take our eyesight for granted, and I admit that I haven’t been keeping up either. More often than not, it is only when we feel that something is not right, that we make the trip down to an optical store.  But when it comes to eye care, prevention is always better than early detection.  Videre Eyecare's goal is to encourage parents to inculcate the importance of good eye health in their children. They also want to encourage having regular eye check-ups.

The Videre Eyecare experience

Both kids and adults alike, are bound to enjoy their experience at Videre Eyecare. The store houses the world’s first truly immersive ACUVUE® experience. Visitors can learn more about their eye health here. They can also get fitted with contact lenses that suit their various lifestyle needs in-store.

Eye for the Future: Taking Care Of Your Eyes By Getting Regular Eye Check-ups


Eye for the Future: Taking Care Of Your Eyes By Getting Regular Eye Check-ups

The ACUVUE® experience zone leverages digital technology to promote the importance of healthy vision while pursuing a healthy, high-performance lifestyle. I tried my hand at all the games, which simulated the challenges of playing sports when one had impaired vision.

videre eyecare tips

I also answered a series of questions on the interactive wall and the “1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE®” lenses was recommended to me as the best fit for my lifestyle needs!

Unsure if contact lenses are suitable for your child? 

Some parents may be sceptical or worried about their children wearing lenses. Before making a decision, it is important to determine if your child can be responsible enough with their personal hygiene. If the answer is yes, come see the optometrists at Videre to see if your child is suitable.

Designed to enhance comfort, ACUVUE® contact lenses also provide a sharp and stable vision for wearers. Benefits include better vision quality, a self-esteem boost and very importantly, convenience. They are free to run about and engage in sports without the fear of glasses breaking or falling off. ACUVUE® has a wide range of contact lenses and you will definitely be able to find one that suits your child’s needs here.

Eye for the Future: Taking Care Of Your Eyes By Getting Regular Eye Check-ups

Before leaving, I managed to have a chat with Mr Chew, a senior optometrist at Videre Eyecare. He shared about the common misconceptions that parents tend to have about eye health in children; the most surprising of which was that parents should not be relieved if their child has a perfect score during an eye examination at a young age.  With the lifestyle habits that we have and the constant use of electronic devices, parents should ensure that their child maintains good eye care practices by seeing the optometrist regularly even before they start noticing any problems.

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If you haven’t had an eye examination in over a year, it is encouraged that you schedule a visit. If you are considering contact lenses as a solution for you or your child’s vision improvement, be sure to have a fitting done at Videre Eyecare. .For exclusive deals, do head on over to the Qoo10 Videre Page!

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