A family guide on what to expect at Coney Island while on holiday

A family guide on what to expect at Coney Island while on holiday

This rustic island has been increasingly popular since opening its gates in 2015. We decided to find out why.


Coney Island

Coney Island or, Pulau Serangoon has been becoming increasingly popular since opening its doors last year. Located in the far north-east region, it remains one of the undeveloped islands of Singapore. We decided to take a trip down to see what it has to offer, aside from its photographic sceneries and wide variety or habitats. 


Coney Island is filled with helpful signages- there’ll be close to zero chances of getting lost!

Coney Island’s west entrance is connected to Punggol Park by a bridge connector. You can choose to rent a bike at the few bicycle rental shops at Punggol Park and cycle for about 500m to Coney Island. We recommend renting a bike for sightseeing purposes because it can get a little tiring walking on two feet!


The 2.4km main path starts from the west entrance and leads to the west promenade exit


Off the beaten tracks are more challenging for beginners

Heads up for mummies and daddies; there are different paths on Coney Island and the kid-friendly one would be the 2.4km main path. Other paths such as the ones leading to the beaches are a little bumpy and has quite a number of sharp turns which may not be suitable for your little ones.


The Lalang fields take up at least half of Coney Island

There are also luscious greeneries which can be seen even from the entrance, with gigantic Common Rhu trees and Lalang fields that fill up almost half of the island, it’d be a waste if no photos are taken!

There are quite a few bird sanctuaries located around the island where over 80 different bird species like the magpies can be spotted. If you listen closely, you can actually hear them singing.


Coney Island offers 5 beaches located around the island that offer different views, which is good news for photo enthusiasts and picnic goers.



As Coney Island protects its rustic reserves, it is advised that no camping and fire activities are held at their beaches. So no barbeque-ing.

As Coney Island holds a wide variety of wildlife, there are chances of spotting at least 5 different insects and lizards all around the island. It is encouraged to bring along your sunblock and wear long pants, to avoid the sunburn and those little insects from crawling all over your body.


Besides the many bird species, contributing to Coney Island’s wildlife would be the crab-eating macaques! Although it’s fascinating, it is encouraged to keep a safe distance and to not feed them. There is also a cow that’s roaming around the island so do look out for that.


Getting there: Take bus 84 from Punggol Interchange and alight at Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement. From Punggol Park, walk 500m to Coney Island.

Opening hours: 7am to 7pm (gate will be closed at 7pm)

Nearby Parks/Park Connectors: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterways.


Do you know any other similar parks? List them down below!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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