Excited C-section Epidural Delivery

Excited C-section Epidural Delivery

Susanna shares her birth story with theAsianparent community.

I'm not very well-versed in English writing, Thus pardon me for any sentence which you do not understand. Will try my very best to write here.

Even though, my labour was not a natural one, I still cannot forget how our son(Jadrien) who is a year old now arrived into this world. Even after my due date was over, I was not even diluted for a single centimetre . Our gynae suggested I go for a C-section. Then we would decide if its a full body anesthesia or half body. My hubby and I, being excited and eager to be future, we opted for the half body anesthesia as we wanted to witness the delivery of our son(despite not being able to view the full procedures performed by our gynae)
We were still chit chatting with our relatives and parents in the ward until a nurse came and asked "How come you are still not changed!!!" Oh my god, am I late for my delivery? I was starting to panic and quickly got changed and immediately, I was pushed into the delivery ward. Hubby was not with me and my heart beat was getting faster and faster.

I was so cold and shivering even before my gynae had arrived. Luckily, I met nice nurses who talked to me and calmed me down. In less than 5 mins, gynae came in and I was given an epidural jab on my lower back. Within a few seconds, my lower body was NUMB!!!! And all I can remember is what my gyane was saying: "1) Are you ready? 2) Call the daddy in 3) Let's start"!!!!!!!!

After my hubby entered the delivery ward, gyane again commented "oh my god, your baby is big, it's really big, we under estimated his weight(3kg). Can you imagine when I heard what the gynae said that.  I got frightened and imagined how big Jadrien would be.

Was he that huge? Did the gynae have a problem delivering my boy?.. all these negative thoughts kept flashing through my head. The next thing I heard was Jadrien's first cry. I broke down even before I got to see or hold him. My hubby panicked while trying to hold on to me, trying to take snap shots of Jadrien ,trying to follow what the nurses told him to do...etc. I just lay down there waiting to see my boy. The nurse cleaned Jadrien up, wrapped him a towel and then carried him to my heart. It was the most touching and unforgettable moment when I finally got to see my boy!  All those months of pregnancy, were so worthwhile and I had no regrets about it.  After my delivery, the pricess wasn't over yet though. I was quickly being stitched and cleaned up. Once that was done, I was pushed back to my ward.

During the "journey", I thought I was going to collapse. I was actually shivering even more after the c-section. It was the anesthesia that caused my horrible trembling. At that point, all I wanted was to be able to see Jadrien again. Luckily the shivering reduced after 30 minutes or so and I'm blessed to have given birth to a healthy & charming 3.645kg boy!

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