Ex steals sperm from condoms to have twins!

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What is a guy’s worst nightmare? Well, to break up with a girl only to have her come back to tell you have impregnated her—with TWINS! How did this happen? There was birthcontrol everytime! Just a heads up, be very careful with your sperm…you never know who is vying to get some.

Who hasn’t heard horror stories about psycho exes who throw your life into a disastrous dissaray, turns it topsy turvy and creepily stalks you till the cows come home. And you thought it was as easy as saying, “It’s over. Let’s just move on, honey.” Erm, no sir. Women can be really vindictive—if they want to be.

So here’s a true story of a very distateful stint that an ex-girlfriend pulled just so that she can carry her lover’s seed in her womb. Well, in this case it will be seeds –plural, baby!

Babies 3 months after the break up. How?

The skinny of the situation is this; a woman allegedly snuck away with her now ex-boyfriend’s sperm and impregnated herself with twins through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Then she sued her ex for child support; how original right? Guess what, she actually won. Now the flabbergasted ex-boyfriend is suing the fertility clinic that went ahead with the IVF procedure without his knowledge. Talk about a complex and twisted tale…

It all happened like this, according to Houston Press – Joe Pressil started dating Anetria in 2005 and called it quits in 2007. But then the story’s still to be continued, three months later Anetria announced that she was pregnant with Joe’s children. But, but, but… birth control was used every time. Anyway, a paternity test proved that Joe was the babies’ daddy. Trapped in the circumstances, Joe allowed the twin boys to stay at his home while he paid for child support.

Happily ever after…NOT

This February, 36-year-old Joe found a receipt from a Houston sperm bank called Omni-Med Laboratories for the “cryopreservation of a sperm sample”. In simple terms, it’s the freezing of semen to be used at a later date. Joe was listed as a patient but he had never been to the facility. Upon further investigation, the clinic informed Joe that his “wife” had come into the clinic with his semen and they simply performed the IVF procedure with it.

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