Freshen up your tired mummy skin with a pampering facial

Freshen up your tired mummy skin with a pampering facial

Be one of three lucky winners to get a free treatment for you and mummy!

Being a mother is not the easiest job. We’re all busy taking care of our family’s needs first, and our own needs last.

“Me-time” is hard to come by, and just oh-so-precious. Multiple wakings at night, basically functioning on sleep debt and, of course, age, have definitely left visible signs of tiredness on my face. The invitation to try out Estetica’s customised facial treatments couldn't have come at a better time.


Skin Assessment

At Estetica, there is no one-size-fits all treatment. Each session is designed based on an initial skin assessment. My therapist, Alice, explained how my customised facial would proceed before deciding on the actual treatment.

We started with a skin assessment and analysis to find out about my skin condition. Seeing those images and numbers on the screen was a moment of truth for me. My eye area needed extra attention and my skin was dehydrated. But it was not all bad news! I was glad to know that my skin was still classified as “baby skin”.


However, the T-zone area and pore sizes needed serious attention. My combination skin type has meant that I’ve always had these issues. Alice reassured me that during the facial, particular attention would be paid to this zone as well as to my skin’s increasing signs of dehydration.


The facial begins

We started by removing my makeup with the Skin Revive Cleansing Milk. This was followed by an oh-so-gentle eye gel that was applied around my eye area to help keep the skin calm. Alice massaged around my eyes with just the right pressure, making it an extremely comfortable experience.


She then prepared a machine to start my customised eye treatment using the OptimaLift A+ Eye Treatment along with the pulsating rod. My puffy eyes and dark circles were targeted with no pain at all. This will work even for contact lens wearers, too.

Alice then prepared for the blackheads extraction session - one which I was most afraid of, as pain and I are just not the best of friends. To my surprise, there was minimal pain, and I felt my skin to be cleaner after that. She even showed me a whitehead that she unclogged, explaining that it was a result of dirt buildup.


To cool my skin and reduce the chances of redeness, Alice then carefully applied ActivCalm Calming Lotion with ice cubes immediately on each area she worked on. An eye mask was applied and a dollop of pink yogurt-looking mask called Derma Calm Ultra-Sensitive Mask was spread on top to help with skin sensitivity and irritation.

So I was a pink yummy mummy (literally!) lying in the room for 20 minutes. It was a good time to just rest, since alone-time is hard to come by these days.


After I was “unveiled” of the mask that hardened, Alice then massaged my face with the nourishing ActivCalm Moisturizing Cream to soothe my tensed muscles. She gently massaged my neck and décolletage, shoulders and down to my biceps. For a moment, I wished the session included a full body massage!


Bye-bye, Tired Muscles

I left the room feeling like a lot of weight had been taken off my face. My facial muscles were definitely less tensed and my skin was visibly smoother. I was really pleased that there was only minimal redness after the extractions.

I went home, all ready for a good sleep that night, praying hard as well that my daughter would sleep through it on this rare occasion as that would really leave my skin well-rejuvenated. I was all ready to face the next day with less tensed facial muscles and a brighter complexion!

Overall, my experience at Estetica was a refreshing and pampering one. Any tired mum would appreciate it too!



Enjoy a beauty bonding moment with mum!

Beauty time is, indeed, a bonding moment best shared with a loved one -- and who else to share it with than your own mum?

Three lucky winners will be chosen to each receive an Estetica Customised Facial valued at SG$198 while their mums get a luxurious GENXSKIN Facial valued at SG$358.

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Contest period: 1-May - 7-Jun 2015

Eligibility: Contest is open only to people above the age of 25 and residing in Singapore. Prizes to be redeemed within one month after winners’ announcement.

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Carla Perlas

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