Must-know information about using essential oils

Must-know information about using essential oils

Essential oils are a natural alternative to getting relief from common ailments and boosting health in general. Find out more here...

essential oils

More and more Singaporean mums are turning to essential oils as a natural way of treating their family’s common illnesses

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular among Singaporean mums who want to take care of their family’s health naturally.

According to PubMed Health, “essential oils are volatile liquid substances extracted from aromatic plant material by steam distillation or mechanical expression.” Simply put, essential oils are basically the “oil” of the plant from which they were extracted.

Jo Nabonne, a mum of two boys,  has seen amazing results on her family from the use of essential oils.

Though she is quick to point out that she is not a medical practitioner, her positive experience has led her to create and run the Singapore-based, 1200-member strong Lavender Mums Facebook group*, a forum dedicated to sharing information about essential oil.

The purest quality essential oils that meet the therapeutic-grade standards set by bodies such as the European AFNOR and ISO provide the most benefits to users.

The Young Living essential oils discussed in this article (and which Jo uses) meet these standards.

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essential oils

Jo Nabonne answers questions about essential oils. Read this informative article  here

The benefits of essential oils

The physical and psychological health benefits contained in a few drops of essentials oil are quite remarkable. As these easily pass through cell walls and membranes, therapeutic benefits are directly delivered where they are needed throughout the entire body.

Here are some of the most important benefits of essential oils as pointed out by Jo:

  • Essential oils are used medicinally to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Research shows that most viruses, fungi and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils.
  • They aid in removing carbon dioxide, toxins and other wastes from the body.
  • The aromas of the oils help balance electrical frequencies of the brain allowing it to function more optimally and efficiently.
  • They provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions and create a romantic atmosphere.
essential oils

Image from the Young Living Facebook page

When looking to use oils for the treatment of various conditions, Jo advises that it is best to always seek guidance from someone who has a long history of using them.

References such as the phone app Essential Oils and the book “Essential Oils Pocket Reference” are also useful when looking for information on various oils and how to use them.

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essential oils

When applied on the soles of your feet, the goodness of therapeutic-grade essential oils takes just 29 seconds to enter your body!

How to use essential oils 

Essential oils can be used in many ways. The following are the most popular, according to Jo.


When using oils topically, apply just a drop on the affected area. For example, Jo says, if you have a headache, a drop of peppermint essential oil rubbed on your temples should bring about relief.

You can also apply oils on the Young Living vitaflex points on the feet, hands or ears. Each point has a specific body part it relates to and is more effective when applied like this because the oils take just 29 seconds to enter the bloodstream.

essential oils

Inhaling the goodness of essential oils through diffusion is believed to be good for respiratory conditions.


A modern diffuser effectively releases the scent of the oil into the air, enabling you to inhale it. This is especially good for respiratory conditions. Jo herself diffuses orange for clarity and Young Living’s “Stressaway” for relaxation.

You can also inhale the scent of oils in the following ways:

  • Directly from the bottle — An example is peppermint essential oil. You only have to sniff the bottle once for alertness when you’re driving.
  • Warm compress — Take a warm flannel, put a drop of oil onto the flannel and inhale the scent.
  • Bath — Add a drop of oil to your bathwater. Please use caution as some oils may have a hot/spicy effect and should not be used this way.
  • Steam — Add a drop of your preferred essential oil into a bowl of hot water and inhale this way.

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Some experienced users of essential oils ingest the oils directly for their benefits


While Jo advises that it’s best to follow safety guidelines when ingesting essential oils, this method is quite popular among experienced essential oil users.

An example of ingesting oils for maximum health benefits is by starting your day with a drop of lemon oil in a glass of water. The lemon oil imparts the water with strong antioxidant properties and is equivalent to eight lemons.

Jo cautions that you need to drink essential oils mixed  in water in a glass only. If you put essential oils into anything plastic it naturally eats at the plastic.

essential oils

You can inhale essential oils directly from the bottle


Using essential oils for a massage is an excellent way to aid the body’s repair and assist with pain relief. There are many carrier oils such as Young Living’s “Orthoease”, which you could mix with an essential oil such as lavender for a relaxing massage.

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essential oils

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are safe to use on kids. But do make sure to do your research or talk to an experienced oil user before you start using oils on your kids for the first time.

Safety guidelines when using essential oils

  • When using oils on children, Jo advises to always dilute the oil if the child is under 30 months.
  • You may dilute four parts carrier oil  (V6 by Young Living, coconut, almond or olive) to one part essential oil and then apply as needed. The soles of the feet are a popular spot.
  • If your child is under six months old, it is best to refrain from using oils on him unless you have used them yourself throughout pregnancy.
  • If you are using a diffuser in a child’s room, always start with one drop and never shut the door in case there is a reaction in any way.
  • If you are new to oils, always start with one drop as everyone’s body reacts differently. You can increase the drops once you are more confident and experienced.
  • If you get a burning sensation or get a drop of oil in the eye please use a carrier oil and not water as water dilutes the oil and makes it worse. It may seem odd putting oil on something uncomfortable but it’s the best way to aid the skin and eyes quickly.

theAsianparent would like to thank Jo Nabonne for her insights into the topic of essential oils. 


Do note the Lavender Mums Facebook group is a closed group. Please request the friendly admin to add you to this group if you would like to join. 

Do you use essential oils or would you like to start using them? If you already use them, tell us what your favourite oils are and why. If you are thinking about using them, why not post a question for Jo Nabonne below in the comment box? 


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