Review of the Entertainer Singapore

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I, like many other Singaporeans, tend to be quite skeptical when it comes to vouchers, specials and group purchasing.

One of the biggest qualms I have with these – specifically the restaurant and spa deals — is that they have so many terms, conditions and limitations, which are just too complicated to understand.

Entertainer Singapore

Are you fed up of deals and packages that have tons of terms and conditions?

Moreover, although you are supposedly getting a good deal, once you actually go in to redeem your offer, you often end up spending a heap of money for products or services you might not even use.

However, recently I came across something that changed my opinion about such deals. It is called the Entertainer Singapore, and quite simply put – it is a product with great deals to some amazing restaurants, spas and more.

How does the Entertainer Singapore work?

The concept of the Entertainer couldn’t be simpler – every voucher is a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.

For instance, if you use a main course dining voucher at a restaurant, you will receive another main course free of charge.

Entertainer Singapore

Isn’t it great that you could have two meals for the price of one?

Moreover, you get 3 vouchers per merchant, which makes the deal 3 times sweeter.

To put this in context, you can go back to a restaurant up to 3 times and enjoy the same deal, or use up to 4 vouchers (combining your vouchers with a friend’s) on the same day to get 8 meals for the price of 4!

Or when it comes to hotels, it would mean if you buy one night’s stay, you get another night’s stay for free.

It’s as simple and straightforward as that!

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