Review of the Entertainer Singapore

Review of the Entertainer Singapore

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I, like many other Singaporeans, tend to be quite skeptical when it comes to vouchers, specials and group purchasing.

One of the biggest qualms I have with these – specifically the restaurant and spa deals — is that they have so many terms, conditions and limitations, which are just too complicated to understand.

Entertainer Singapore

Are you fed up of deals and packages that have tons of terms and conditions?

Moreover, although you are supposedly getting a good deal, once you actually go in to redeem your offer, you often end up spending a heap of money for products or services you might not even use.

However, recently I came across something that changed my opinion about such deals. It is called the Entertainer Singapore, and quite simply put – it is a product with great deals to some amazing restaurants, spas and more.

How does the Entertainer Singapore work?

The concept of the Entertainer couldn’t be simpler – every voucher is a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.

For instance, if you use a main course dining voucher at a restaurant, you will receive another main course free of charge.

Entertainer Singapore

Isn’t it great that you could have two meals for the price of one?

Moreover, you get 3 vouchers per merchant, which makes the deal 3 times sweeter.

To put this in context, you can go back to a restaurant up to 3 times and enjoy the same deal, or use up to 4 vouchers (combining your vouchers with a friend’s) on the same day to get 8 meals for the price of 4!

Or when it comes to hotels, it would mean if you buy one night’s stay, you get another night’s stay for free.

It’s as simple and straightforward as that!

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Unlike regular deals on group buying sites, what I like about the Entertainer Singapore is that is it incredibly user-friendly and flexible, and mostly – simple to understand and free of hidden ‘catches’.

Entertainer Singapore

The Entertainer Singapore 2015 have some amazing spa offers in store for you.

What is included in the Entertainer Singapore?

The Entertainer includes one-for-one offers from some of Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and many more interesting places.

The 2015 edition will also include Entertainer Travel 2015, which features over 250 free night offers at leading 4- and 5-star hotels across Asia and other destinations.

With the restaurants, spas and hotels put together, there will be over 1000 vouchers in the Entertainer Singapore 2015 edition.

Entertainer Singapore

If you love travelling, you can make use of the one-for-one hotel deals the Entertainer Singapore 2015 has in store for you.

Top-notch participating establishments.

It wouldn’t be so great if you were getting a one-for-one deals from not-so-great restaurants, spas and hotels, right?

However, the list of participating establishments in the Entertainer Singapore is nothing short of impressive.

Look forward to deals from restaurants such as B bar at Bachanalia, Senso, Brewerkz, Hard Rock Café, Fat Cow, Coca and Ben & Jerry’s.

You can also enjoy spa deals at Aramsa Spa and Spa Rael, work out at True Fitness or book an indulgent getaway with hotel deals from Banyan Tree, InterContinental and Marriott in destinations like Male in Maldives, Phuket in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, Dubai in the UAE and Cape Town in South Africa.

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The Entertainer Singapore mobile app

Yes, you can get hold of these super deals on your mobile phone too! You can download the Entertainer Singapore from their website or through your app store.

The app’s search function lets you search its huge database via GPS, cuisine, shopping mall or hotel offer—making it easier for you to make use of more deals that are geographically closer to you.

What’s more, if you download the Entertainer App right now, you’ll get to try before you buy with a fantastic 14 Day Trial Membership, giving you access to great Member Offers in every location!

Entertainer Singapore

The Entertainer Singapore 2015 mobile app can be yours for just SG$60.

Get your hands on this sweet deal

The Entertainer Singapore app retails at SG$75 but you can get it before the end of December at an early bird price of SG$60.

If you prefer to have a hard copy, you can purchase the book which is now priced at SG$75 (the regular retailing price is SG$80) including free shipping if you buy on the Entertainer’s website, before 31 December 2014.

Entertainer Singapore

If you prefer to have the Entertainer Singapore book, you can get this at a special price of just SG $75.

The Entertainer Singapore is also available for purchase at selected bookstores.

The offers in both the book and the app are the same, with new offers added to the app throughout the year.

A good tip is to register your Entertainer product online so you can receive exclusive monthly member offers that can be used as many times as you want.

Have you used the Entertainer Singapore before? What are you thoughts on this product? Let us know by leaving your own review in the comment box below. 


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