NDR 2019: Mummies React To Extra Preschool Subsidies

NDR 2019: Mummies React To Extra Preschool Subsidies

The annual National Day Rally 2019 saw many changes coming through for the next generation of Singaporeans. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong outlined the Government's upcoming initiatives such as developing new areas, making education affordable and helping out older workers. 

For parents, the most impactful initiative was the enhanced preschool subsidies. PM Lee announced that income ceilings will rise from the current $7,500 to $12,000. Mr. Lee noted that currently, parents are spending a sizeable amount on preschool fees, especially so if they have two kids under the age of five.

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Preschool Subsidies: What Do Mummies Think? 

Mrs. Lee, a mother of three, lauded the initiative but claimed that she would still send her children to preschool regardless of the subsidy. " I feel preschool is really important, it’s critical to ensure that the foundation is good. So sending them to good preschools is a must for me with or without the subsidy." 

Another mummy, Ms. Billie Anne Lyou, welcomed the subsidy although her youngest child will graduate from Kindergarten this year. "This is a big increase in the income ceiling and definitely benefits middle-income families. Childcare operators do increase their costs from time to time, so this additional subsidy will definitely help families to cope with the rising cost of childcare centres." The mother of two, however, also added that the increased subsidies might lead to more parents seeking to enroll their children in premium kindergartens that were previously out of their budget. 

Ms. Kris, a mother of two daughters, found the subsidy helpful but pointed out that it might not make that big of an impact. "I would still need to send my kids to infant care or childcare with or without the subsidies because both my husband and I work full-time." The real problem she mentioned is the high living costs of Singapore which makes it hard to survive with only one parent earning. 

So that is what our mummies have to say about the enhanced preschool subsidies. Do you think this is helpful? Let us know in the comments! 

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Shreya Jagdish

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