Elderly lady causes accident in pursuit of cheating husband

Elderly lady causes accident in pursuit of cheating husband

A 61-year-old Singaporean lady caused an accident after she was found chasing her cheating husband. Read on to know more.

Stories of cheating among elderly married couples are rare. If anyone was wondering how an elderly lady would respond to a cheating husband, read on. The aggrieved wife catches her spouse and his mistress, sparking a chase which ends in a full-fledged road accident. Hell indeed has no fury like a woman’s wrath.

The story

According to media reports, the elderly lady had long suspected her husband of having an extra-marital affair. She even discovered lewd messages sent from an unknown woman on his handphone. It was not until one night when her husband abruptly left the house at 10pm that the old woman followed doggedly in his trail.

When she saw her husband behaving intimately with another woman, she confronted them directly. The guilty couple tried to run away by boarding the bus and the elderly lady followed suit. Upon asking the husband’s mistress why she seduced him, the woman replied sarcastically: “It is not my fault. You only have yourself to blame for marrying the wrong guy!”

This statement touched a raw nerve in the 61-year-old woman and she immediately tried to strangle the mistress. All this chaos undoubtedly distracted the bus driver, who hit a motor cyclist. It is still not known if anyone was injured or killed in the accident.

Facing a cheating spouse

The elderly lady certainly reacted as anyone would: with a surge of emotional hurt and betrayal. While cheating in relationships can be a terrible experience for all parties involved, here are some ways to deal with it.

  1. Confront and Reflect – Dig deep and see if there was something missing in the relationship. Perhaps you could have done things differently? Learn from your discoveries.
  2. Move forward – It is essential that you move forward with life and love. Take steps to allow yourself to be willing to trust again.
  3. Getting back together – If your partner wants to get back with you, he/she has to earn his/her way back into the relationship. Not every case of cheating couples is a doomed one.
  4. Draw the line – On the other hand, at times you may have to draw the line and accept that that you cannot maintain your marriage to the offending man or woman.
  5. Heal – Time heals nothing, it is what you do with the time that matters.

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Felicia Chin

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