Eat smart to ace exams!

Eat smart to ace exams!

During the exam period it seems that parents might be more stressed than the kids sitting for the tests. Here are some tips on how eating the right thing at the right time can help your kids score. Check out our list of brain food that can boost your kid’s performance when test-taking.

Don’t skip breakfast

reasons not to skip breakfast

Everyone has heard this one before and there is a lot of truth in it. Experts say that having a nutricious breakfast – and we don’t mean super sugary cereals--can have a positive influence on school performance.

A study conducted found that kids who ate a healthy breakfast had higher levels of enegry and also a better ability to learn when compared to students who skipped breakfast.

Yet another study conducted by the researchers at Harvard found that students who had breakfast were “…significantly more attentive in the classroom, earned higher grades in math, and had significantly fewer behavioral and emotional problems."

Feed your brain

You don’t need a genius to tell you that good nutrition –what we will refer to as brain food—gives your child the energy they need to perform better in school.

Don’t expect to eat the list of food items below and score a perfect grade the next day, but over time your kid’s brain will start to function better.

We’ve listed 5 food items that will be beneficial for those exam blues…

# 1. Green Tea

Helps in two ways; brain protection and mood enhancement. The bitter-tasting polyphenols in green tea works by preventing wear and tear to your brain. It also assists in the production of dopamine, which is what you need to be in a “happy” state. Wouldn’t you say that a positive attitude is absolutely necessary when sitting for a challenging paper?

# 2. Eggs

Will help improve your child’s memory. So however you like it, sunny side up, scambled or hard-boiled—just serve it up to your kids. Choline, found in eggs,  is a substance that can help the brain remember things, like all the formulas that your kid had to memorize the night before the exam. Studies reveal that by increasing choline intake, found in egg yolks, can really boost your ability of recall.

# 3. Wild Salmon

Which is rich in Omega-3-fatty acids can aid in improved brain function. FYI, the omega-3 fatty acid DHA is the major polyunsaturated fatty acid found in your brain. An improved brain function would include responding, reasoning and listening better, which can then get your kid better test scores in the end. If your kid is allergic to fish then try walnuts.

# 4. Dark Chocolate

Here’s one that kids might be excited about. The flavonoids and caffeine found in dark chocolate can promote focus and concentration. Flavonoids has powerful antioxidant properties and caffeine is a natural stimulant. But do be careful, do everything in moderation. The last thing you want is for your kid to be bouncing off walls during the exam due to an overdose of caffeine.

# 5. Acai Berries

Known for its antioxidant properties helps brain function and mood. The incredibly high antioxidant levels actually help blood flow to the brain to make it work better. The berry also has Omega-3 fatty acids, which would work on your kid’s mood—perhaps increasing their confidence levels when ploughing through tough math problems.

Smart meals

Yes, you are going to have to be that nagging parent that you swore you wouldn’t be. Here's another one of our exam tips. Remind or get your kids to eat at regular intervals because this helps keep nutriet and energy levels stable. Also, make sure that your kids don’t stuff themselves because big meals will slow your kid down mentally and physically.

If your child insists on snacking, snack smart! Try to get two food groups into your kid’s snack bites to balance out the nutrients and maintain blood-sugar levels. Smart snack suggestions include bananas drizzled with peanut butter, baked potato topped with cottage cheese or English muffin pizza.


Brain Food items

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Felicia Chin

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