Baby suffers severe vomiting and diarrhoea after drinking fake formula milk

Baby suffers severe vomiting and diarrhoea after drinking fake formula milk

Dangers of drinking fake formula milk: This mum had a horrifying experience when her baby suffered severe vomiting and had to be rushed to the hospital...

What are the dangers of drinking fake formula milk? This mum had a horrifying experience when her baby suffered severe vomiting and had to be rushed to the hospital…

Mum’s post highlights dangers of drinking fake formula milk

Mummy Seila Nawi had a terrifying experience when her baby, Mikael, started vomiting for no apparent reason. 

In a Facebook post, she reveals what really happened, “Last October 2017, my son, Mikael, got admitted into the hospital. He was warded for more than 2 weeks. The causes were unknown until the fake milk news came out.”

“Mikael vomited up to 9 times a day.”

Initially Seila tried monitoring his condition from home, hoping that things would get better soon.

Then, “That afternoon, his body and face started to become red and get hot. Every time that happened, I bathed him. His fever was on and off.”

drinking fake formula milk


“By 3 pm, he had no more energy, he was just lying down and did not want to drink any milk. So, I took him to the nearest hospital.”

“I didn’t suspect it was because of the milk. The doctor asked me what solid food I had given Mikael, or if he accidentally ate anything in the house (since he had begun crawling).

Mikael had to be admitted in the hospital due to dehydration, and for further examination. The child was then put on a drip and he refused to have any milk or food.

“Who would have imagined it was fake milk?”

To make matters worse, he soon started to have diarrhoea. His poop was very smelly and he had diarrhoea about 11 times a day.

Various tests were done, including allergy and stool tests, but the results were all negative.

Mummy Seila goes on, “During his stay in the hospital, Mikael still had diarrhoea, his fever was on and off, and he had red rash over his face and body that would come and go.”

“Things became worse after 1 week, when he started to poop blood. Doctors decided on antibiotic procedures. As a mother, with a heavy heart, I had to subject his small body to so much medication.”

“Ironically, for the entire time he was in the hospital, I did not give Mikael any solid food BUT he still drank the formula milk.”

“Who would have imagined it was fake milk?”

“After 2 weeks, because the cause was still unknown and Mikael seemed more active, I requested for him to be discharged.”

“He got better…He still consumed the same milk, but I now realise that this was a different pack we had bought from a different store.”

After her bitter experience, Seila advises other parents to buy formula milk only from established stores. Thankfully, little Mikael is now fine, and back to his normal, happy self.

Fake formula milk culprits nabbed

Recently, as many as 210 boxes of fake infant formula were seized in Malaysia, after reports of  a baby vomiting.

According to Channel NewsAsia, on Feb 21, three family members have been charged for allegedly selling fake infant formula milk in Johor Bahru.

Yap Kai Chai, 59, Ling Mei Nar, 42, and Yap Chang Hong, 26, business partners of TCM Yongtai Lian, a Chinese medicinal drug firm, are the three accused. The firm has several outlets across Johor Bahru.

They have been charged with allegedly selling fake Enfalac A+ Step 1 in 1.8 kg boxes, by using counterfeited trademarks on the product.

Mums and dads, the dangers of drinking fake formula milk are many. Not only is the baby likely to fall sick, he/she may also suffer from severe malnutrition by drinking the fake formula with no nutritional value.

It is best to purchase formula milk for your child from reputable outlets.

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(Additional Source: Channel NewsAsia)

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