Dora the Explorer to meet families and kids in Singapore

Dora the Explorer to meet families and kids in Singapore

Get up close and personal with Dora – limited seats only - as Dora and her friends are expected to make her rounds at some of the local public libraries for ‘story time’ in May.

Dora the Explorer to meet families and kids in Singapore

The story slots at the libraries are as follows:

a. Seng Kang Public Library: 12th May Sat, 11.30 am
b. Geylang East Public Library: 19th May, Sat, 11.30am

Exciting prizes will be given to the families with their children who attend this ‘story time’ at local libraries.
The representatives from S3NSI, Patrick Wong said, “They would like to get the family together to tell a ‘Dora Story’. The parents will read the story and the kids will then act it out. The kids will wear their look-alike Dora outfits during ‘Dora Day’ to further relate with Dora and the adventures she goes through.”

Instilling ‘family togetherness’ is what the organisers, S3NSI and show promoters believe in. They want to get kids and parents to have fun and explore this acting and story-telling stint together. Involving the whole family to act out this play would be exciting and encouraging as this activity instills togetherness in the family.

Winners of ‘Dora Day’ will be given 4 family tickets at VIP seats worth SIN473.60, premier seats at SIN325.60 and reserved A seats at SIN251.60. All families who participate in ‘Dora Day’ will be given limited show bags and special discounts for the show. If they have already bought tickets, a rebate will be given to them on the day of the show they have bought for. Confirmed details will be made known to the public soon.

"This partnership with the National Library even though not monetary in nature is hoped to bring some cheer and light into the lives of the children and families in Singapore," said Ruth Ong from s3nsi Global Show networks, the show promoters behind bringing 'Dora the Explorer' to Singapore.

"Dora the Explorer is designed to teach kids to explore, communicate, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and it lets children discover the realm of possibilities in the world which the animation lives in these kids through Dora."
Eruwin, Director Investor Relations based in Singapore said “Dora the Explorer brings   different concept to the kids below 10 years of age. My niece of 5 years counts in Spanish because she watches the show and adapts to the antics of Dora and her friends.”

“Dora acts as a new medium of educator for young kids, exposing them to social diversity and other cultures. The use of the Spanish language encourages children to learn a different language whilst watching the show, “says Ruth Ong, one of the show organisers.

Some local families said they are excited to bring their kids for this show as they feel this musical show features well-known songs from Dora the Explorer TV series all performed by the characters, pre-schoolers love and can relate to.

Christine who has 2 kids under the age of 10 said,”My kids are big Dora fans. They are sure to enjoy this show and I am happy to expose them to this experience of thinking, singing and playing-along to their music and characters. Dora entices the young kids to tune-in because of her wholesome image and entertaining factor in all of her shows - be it live or on TV.”

A local children pre-school educator, who chose to remain anonymous said, “Young kids are very much influenced by what they see in the media. This character, Dora the Explorer, teaches them the spirit of giving, sharing, social and moral values in some of the adventures which she goes through. The kids learn the meaning of generosity on the show.”

The show will open at the Drama Centre Theatre on the 25th of May 2012 for 5-days - a strictly limited 5-day period only. The show will take place at Singapore Drama Centre and tickets are available there as well as via SISTIC Website, Hotline & Authorised Agents.

For more information of tickets please contact Ruth Ong or Barry Tan from S3NSI Global Network Pte Ltd mobile (+61) 466113803 or (+65)9082 5076 or (+65)9008 9539 or email:[email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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