Do a good deed on Children’s Day!

Do a good deed on Children’s Day!

Planning fun activities this Children's Day? Don't forget to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate children! theAsianparent will be heading down to Darul Ihsan Boys’ Home this Friday to celebrate the blissful occasion. Please look out for photos on our Facebook fanpage!

Children's Day Singapore

Do a good deed for charity this Children’s Day Singapore!

Do you remember celebrating Children’s Day in Primary School? Songs, dances, quizzes, contests, hugs from your darling teachers and not forgetting the little goodie bag with scrumptious sweets, chocolates and keropok. You even got a day off on the day itself! I particularly remember dancing to Spice Girls’ ‘Spice World’ and drinking sparkling juice my teacher had specially bought for my class to mark the joyous occasion. What fun it is to be a child!

What are you doing this Children’s Day?

If you have children, Children’s Day this year is going to be as memorable as ever for them too.

Perhaps, you could live vicariously through the fun and games. What about organising an exciting outing for them and joining in the excitement?

“We are going to the zoo,” says Maryann Partymama, 39, HR Executive and mother of three boys aged ten years, eight years and six months. “It is going to be a surprise treat for my two older boys and I’m sure my baby will love it too!”

Another mom, Zaza Shafiza Hasny, 29, Law student and a mother of three boys aged five years, three years and 18 months  shares, “we’re planning to go camping by the beach and I am praying very hard that it won’t rain!”

What delightful plans!

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On the other hand, some parents feel that Children’s Day has become commercialized and should not be encouraged. They think that children should be taught good values instead of being barraged with presents and sweets from all corners.

“I did not plan anything special,” reflects Cindy Wong, 32, teacher and mother of two children aged three years and two-months-old. “I told my kids that every day is Children’s Day as long as they are healthy and well behaved.”

True enough, theAsianparent feels that aside from showering your children with gifts (AND love), teaching them values like appreciation and gratitude is most important. We understand that making children understand that there are people less fortunate than them is not an easy task. A solution would be to engage them in activities like donating to the less fortunate. This will open their eyes to a totally different world that is not as privileged!

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Helping the less fortunate children…

Google ‘orphanages’ or ‘children’s homes’ and you will end up with a long list of homes that house children suffering from illnesses or kids that come from broken families.

When we are celebrating Children’s Day and having a ton of fun, needless to say, we often forget to think of the less fortunate.

Amidst the excitement and joy, it would be great if all of us did our part to society by donating to homes and orphanages on this beautiful day.

“Any suggestions for volunteering or donating at children’s homes?” ponders Mayna Lim, 40, sales manager and a mother of an eight-year-old boy.  “I would like to do something meaningful.”

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Doing something meaningful…

We have compiled a short list of charities that you could donate to or volunteer at. Since cash donations have always been a touchy issue, we have garnered a list of non-monetary items that centres and homes are in need of.

1)      Jamiyah Children’s Home

At the Jamiyah Children’s Home, proper care is given to orphans and children from disadvantaged families regardless of race or religion. They house around 100 children of the ages between six and 18.

“We were badly hit by the flash floods on the 17th of July,” shares Sophian, Superintendant of the home. “Since we are moving out of this home to a new location during the first quarter of next year, this Children’s Day is going to be memorable for the kids”.

What they need: New casual clothing, Sports equipment (e.g. football, basketball and board games), Food (e.g. MILO, condensed milk, cordial syrup, cereal and canned cocktail) and Cash

Please do NOT donate books as the home does not have a library and therefore, borrows books from the National Library Board. Used clothing will also not be appreciated.

“We don’t accept used clothing not only due to hygiene issues but also because we think that they affect our children’s self-esteem,” explains Sophian. “Our children feel sad and are emotionally affected when they get clothes used by someone else”.

To donate, please contact Sophian at 90906512 or [email protected] or go down to the centre:

Jamiyah Childrens Home (Darul Ma’wa)
No.1 Chin Cheng Avenue
Singapore 429400

Website Address:

1)      Spastic Children’s Association

The Spastic Children’s Association provides special education, rehabilitation and day-care to children with Cerebral Palsy and related conditions between the ages of 6 to 18. There are about 400 children that are part of the association.

What they need: Equipment like wheelchairs, hearing aids and walking aids.

Most equipment needs to be customized to fit each individual child and therefore donating a used wheelchair might not be appropriate. In order to understand more about the centre and exactly what the children require, the management invites you to go down to the centre itself and interact with the care givers.

Cash donations can also be made to each individual child. This will pay for the child’s medical procedures (if any) and equipment.

To visit the centre and learn more about the association or make cash donations, please contact Melissa at 65855602 or [email protected]

The centre is located at:

Cerebral Palsy Centre
65 Pasir Ris Drive 1
Singapore 519529

Website Address:

2)      Club Rainbow

Club Rainbow is a charity committed to helping children and youths suffering from a range of chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses. The charity currently supports more than 470 children, youths and their families.  Kids aged between five and 13-years-old form the bulk of the membership.

What they need: Food (e.g. rice, MILO, Nespray and canned food), Daily necessities (e.g. diapers and body wash) and Cash (for financial assistance during instances of blood transfusions or operation)

Please do not donate clothing and toys as Club Rainbow has them in excess.

Apart from donations, the charity is also looking for volunteers for their ad-hoc programmes.

To learn more, please contact Richard at 63771789 or [email protected]

Club Rainbow is located at:

Block 538 Upper Cross Street

#05-263/69 Singapore 050538

Website Address:


Happy Children’s Day!

We hope the list above will be of good use this Children’s Day and many more to come.

theAsianparent will be heading down to Darul Ihsan Boys’ Home this Friday to celebrate the blissful occasion. Please look out for photos on our Facebook fanpage!

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