Disgusting reason never to eat raw cookie dough

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When birds and other animals defecate above wheat fields, they spread bacteria from their infected faeces onto the grain.

It’s no secret that eating raw cookie dough is not the best thing you can do for your heath. Eating poultry carries the risk of salmonella infection—that notorious infection responsible for giving its victim nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrheoa, to name a few.

Despite this, many people admit to doing it anyway.

Now The Food and Drug Administration gives us one more reason to abstain from that guilty pleasure—even if it’s an egg-free batter.

The reason for it is this: animal poop.

“When birds and other animals do their business above wheat fields, they can spread bacteria from their infected faeces onto the grain,” said a Washington Post report.

The wheat is then processed into flour, and while you might think that this process kills off pathogens, it’s not as intense as the process of pasteurising milk, say.

“There’s no treatment to effectively make sure there’s no bacteria in the flour,” said food safety professor at Cornell University Martin Wiedmann.

In essence, when you eat raw cookie dough, you’re also eating bird poop. Maybe.

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