The 5 types of disguises commonly used by human traffickers

The 5 types of disguises commonly used by human traffickers

Knowing these 5 'disguises' that human traffickers use can help keep your family safer.

Various criminal groups and exploitative people, including human traffickers, take advantage of psychology in order to control and manipulate people. They use social media to get in touch with vulnerable girls and boys, and they also do it in-person in places such as schools, malls, and most places that kids and young folks frequently visit.

These nefarious individuals use trust to take advantage of  vulnerabilities so that they can exploit the youth. They also use 'disguises' to mask their true intentions as a means of exploiting children. Here are 5 types of disguises that are commonly used by these people:

1. Pretender

This is someone pretending to be a person that he/she is not. Kids have to be wary when it comes to talking to strangers as they might not be who they say they are.

2. Provider

A provider is someone who offers to give your child toys, clothes, or gadgets, or sometimes food. These people use a child's vulnerability to lure them in and exploit children.

3. Promiser

Promisers, just like their namesake, are people who promise certain things, such as travel,  a glamorous lifestyle etc. People like these are similar to providers in that they're trying to tempt children using things that children want.

4. Protector

Someone who uses physical power, such as their size or their seniority in order to exert protect an individual. These people make their targets feel like safe and protected, but in reality, they are slowly manipulating them.

5. Punisher

Someone who uses threats and violence in order to control an individual. Usually protectors resort to becoming a punisher if they feel that being a protector is not enough to exert control.

These 'disguises' are important to know not only for your child, but also for you as well. Exploitative people aren't always strangers, as they sometimes can be people you think are friendly, especially with promisers and protectors. It's very important for you to teach your child to be wary and choose the people they talk to and the people they become friends with. If you can, you should also try and get to know the people interacting with your child so that you can know them better.


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Alwyn Batara

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