Discovery Kids: An inside look at 'Kids VS Film' premiere!

Discovery Kids: An inside look at 'Kids VS Film' premiere!

If you are a documentary buff, we have a treat in store for you! TheAsianparent spoke with hosts, Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule, at the exclusive premiere of Discovery Kids' newest, locally produced documentary, 'Kids VS Film'.

Discovery Kids documentary: Kids VS Film

At the exclusive screening of Discovery Kids’ production called ‘Kids VS Film’!

You’ll be excited to know that theAsianparent was recently invited to an exclusive media screening of Discovery Kids’ first Singaporean produced kids’ documentary series, ‘Kids VS Film’! This production gave young talents the opportunity to scour Singapore in a bid to script, direct and star in their own educational TV programme. With Discovery Kids’ style assistance on set and professional production experts guiding the kids on screen, these young filmmakers did not fail to amaze with their top-notch quality of their very own documentaries.

What makes the enriching and entertaining programme appeal to both kids and adults are the interesting facts to be learnt about TV production, as well as the lively kids and hosts. Taking on the roles of hosts and mentors to the budding ‘junior Spielbergs’ onscreen are the dynamic duo Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule. At the ‘Kids VS Film’ premiere, theAsianparent had the opportunity to chat with the talented and charismatic mentors of this kids’ edu-tainment documentary. Here are a few highlights from our chat:

Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule in Kids VS Film

Catch bubbly hosts Oli and Mohini in ‘Kids VS Film’

The Asian Parent: What was it like working with kids in the production of ‘Kids VS Film’?

Mohini Sule: Kids on set were definitely great fun to work with as they were all enthused participants, who were excited to be on set and showed a great amount of competitive sportsmanship. Their high energy levels made shoots lively and extremely enjoyable.

TAP: How different was it working on a TV production with kids as compared to working with adults? 

Oli Pettigrew: It was definitely a different experience, but being a dad myself has given me a lot of patience when it comes to working with children. The most important thing, however, is to remember that working with kids is actually not very much different from working with grown ups, because we should never talk down to our kids (even and especially as parents). It was important for us to connect on their level, and even little things like bending down to their heights when talking made a great difference in our interactions.

TAP: Did you face any trouble or difficulty working with these kids?

Mohini: Sometimes when the energy levels of the kids dipped and they got tired or restless, the onus was on us to prep them up and keep the shoots lively and energetic.

kids vs film

Find out how the hosts of ‘Kids vs Film’ feel about the production!

TAP: Between the two of you, who was stricter with kids?

Mohini: Definitely Oli. He could unleash his fatherly disciplinarian side and really get them to get down to business. I am more of the quiet stern.

Oli: There were times when you had to put your foot down and remind them to keep their focus. Nevertheless, it was not too much of a problem as the kids were very determined and self-driven to create their own ‘best’ documentary to help other kids learn as well.

TAP: How do you cope with your work and family lives?

Mohini: Being a kids’ production, ‘Kids VS Film’ had very friendly shooting hours because the welfare of the young cast was of top priority. In contrast to many of my other productions, shoots almost always ended early and we had plenty of breaks in between for all of us to refuel and recharge.

TAP: What qualities do you think are essential for children who want to pursue their passion in the media industry or in anything else?

Oli: An inquisitive mind that is not afraid to keep asking, because no question is ever stupid. Having a lot of creative, wild ideas and a collaborative mind also helps. And as ‘Kids VS Film’ aims to do, fuelling a kid’s passion and confidence are also precious things that help in fulfilling your aspirations.

Check out Mohini and Oli’s 5 tips for kids who want to make it big in the film industry!

Kids VS Film’ airs every Saturday at 6.30pm starting 1 June 2013 on Discovery Kids (Starhub Channel 308).

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