Discipline someone else's child: Singapore man slaps kid in playground, gets punished

Discipline someone else's child: Singapore man slaps kid in playground, gets punished

A Singapore man decided to discipline someone else's child, only to get punished. Do you think it's okay to discipline someone else's child?

Is it ever okay to discipline someone else's child? A Singapore man recently learnt his lesson the hard way, when he got punished for slapping a kid at a playground.

Man decides to discipline someone else's child, gets punished

According to The Straits Times, 52-year-old Liow Chuan Tiong was irritated with a 6-year-old boy's antics at a playgorund at Boon Lay Avenue.

He was chatting with his friends that evening, when he saw the boy spit in a girl's face. The boy's mother scolded him and asked him to apologise. The boy obeyed and did so in front of the girl's mother.

Only, Liow was unimpressed by the mum's discipline tactics.

He decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked up to the boy and slapped him once on the right cheek. It caused the cheek to turn red and swell up mildly. 

The boy's mum protected him from further assault and took him away. She informed the police.

On Wednesday, Jan 10, Liow was fined $5,000 after he admitted to the act. "I have learnt (from) my mistake," he said.

District Judge Kessler Soh had this advice for Liow, "Learn from this lesson, and do not allow yourself to lose your cool at all times." 

discipline someone else's child

When is it okay to discipline someone else's child?

It might be super tempting to discipline someone else's child when you encounter bad behaviour, but just like in this case, there are lines that cannot be crossed.

Alan Kazdin, author of The Everyday Parenting Toolkit, told Fatherly that there are only two situations when you can discipline someone else’s child:

(1) When someone’s life is in danger (or physical violence is involved).
(2) If you know the child and the parent well, and the guidance you’re offering is very minor.

Here are some helpful tips on dealing with other people's children:

  • Approach the parent in case of issues: If you feel that the child is being mean or disobeying rules, talk to the parents and let him/her know your concerns.

And yes, try not to be rude, accusing or judgemental. :)

  • Don't lose your cool: Refrain from yelling and spanking no matter how irritated you are.
  • Lay out the rules beforehand: If you are going to be dealing with a group of children (for example, a house party), lay out the rules clearly and in a simple manner that children can understand.

Rules like “No fighting, share toys, don’t touch furniture with dirty hands, no mean language allowed” are good ones to have.

  • Looking after other children: If you are going to be looking after other children, discuss matters with their parents beforehand - about rules, consequences and discipline strategies.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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